Thursday, February 28, 2013

Feathering My Nest

I've been watching these hyacinth florets open just a little bit more each day.

I like having the fragrance waft in my direction every now and again.

All of this vivacious, pink attitude is the antithesis of my calm, earthy, neutral-coloured room.

It's nice to shake things up now and again and to have something brightly beautiful to look at, if only for a moment here and there.

The hyacinths are a spot of pretty, while elsewhere I'm clearing shelves, reorganizing, and creating a mountain range of materials on my table. Funny how the things that came off the shelves don't all fit back on them again.

It's a pretty, disorderly, feathering-my-nest kind of day.
Time to get back to it.

Here's hoping you are enjoying yours.

Thank you for taking a few moments to visit.


  1. The pink bloom is beautiful Karen. Books pile up here too. I do not entirely see that as bad. At least we read:} xoxo,Olive

  2. Love the pink hyacinth.. brings brightness into my dreary snowy day...

  3. Beautiful photos of your hyacinth blooms, Karen. I love the bright pink. I've noticed that too about cleaning shelves. I never get it all back or in the same way either. Have fun nesting today. Pamela

  4. How is THE GOD OF SMALL THINGS??? IM curious now

    I love the smell of hyacinth!

  5. Beautiful blooms, Karen. I've been taking photos of daffodils and doing a little spring organizing too.
    Enjoy your day!

  6. Karen I love your pink flower shots. Such beauty photos.

    Right down to the last pictures. Your photography is always a joy to come in and look at.

  7. I think I can smell that pretty pink hyacinth Karen. I had fun checking out your books and plan to be feathering next week. I have so many gardening books, I need to condense them.

  8. I love hyacinths and would love to plan a whole year of planting them for house use so they bloom throughout the house all year! Gardening books? So many of them, and now DVD's too. Really need to get out there and do the real thing. Take care. Chel

  9. Oh the flowers are so wonderfully bright on this gray, rainy, Pacific Northwest day - just the touch of spring I needed. I like rearranging and changing things about - and loved your thought of creating a mountain range of things on you table. Happy nesting day.

  10. Beautiful hyacinths. I can almost smell them here. We are finally dug out of almost 30 cm of snow. Thank goodness it is a mildish day. We are about 35km west of Ottawa.
    I only came across your blog while "creeping " around other blog sites. I just wanted to thank you for posting the pics of your books. I noticed a T Findley book that I had forgotten about. I loved his books and will now have something new to read by him.
    I shall return!

  11. Beautiful photos of beautiful hyacinths Karen.

    I like your books "sensational salads" looks interesting
    but I don't know if you are like me Karen
    as I only enjoy eating salad in the Summer
    too cold here for salad at the moment.

    Roll on warm days.


  12. Śliczny kolor hiacyntów i równie piękne zdjęcia. Patrząc na nie poczułam ich zapach :)))
    Lovely color of hyacinths and equally beautiful pictures. Looking at them I felt the smell :)))

  13. I too, got 6 new cookbooks today and so look forward to reading and getting lost in them!

  14. Beautiful hyacinths! My hyacinths kept falling out of their forcing jars and into my kitchen sink. It was pathetic but funny. :o)

  15. Those bright hyacinth blossoms are beautifully coloured and perfectly formed. Great photos. I like the closer and closer perspective you chose. Do they smell as wonderful as they look?

  16. Dear Karen,gorgeous pictures!Very beautiful hyacinth!!Great colour!!And you have a lot of books to read!Wishing you a lovely day and a Happy New Month!

  17. Love this post. I love those feathering-my-nest kind of days! I used to blog a lot about domesticity, and I kinda miss it. I'm sure, though, that I'll be able to do that soon! :)
    Hugging you,
    Monica xo

  18. Yes, I would like to participate but I don't know how to add my post....?

  19. Hi Karen,
    Lovely photos! I love the fragrance of Hyacinths too! They always have such vibrant colours, your pink is beautiful. Enjoy your newly feathered nest...
    All the Best,

  20. Oh that brilliant pink is so stunning! Counting the days until spring...

  21. I think that Heaven must smell like there any sweeter scent in all the world?

  22. Beautiful! I can almost smell them :-) As usual, I like your reading list!

  23. Karen, I am impressed by these photos ! The first one is a real beauty, I love the beautiful pink against the black background. And I love the third one, so soft and lovely !
    Have a great week-end !



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