Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Quick Knit

I'm feeling the need to provide a bright hue at the beginning of this post, as the photos that follow are much more subdued.  

Linger a moment, drink in the colour.

While I was away, I decided I needed a little project to pick up now and again and then finish at home. A couple of women were chatting in the yarn section of craft supply store, discussing scarves. I guess I missed the bit about how the ribbon-like yarn gets pulled across its width before you work with it. I had thought you knit it right off the ball; who knew there was another option? (Plenty of you, no doubt, but this yarn was new to me.)

Fortunately, I read the label before I began. 
A ruffled scarf is the final result.

It's not what I had pictured when I purchased the yarn, but I think the ruffles are growing on me!
Sometimes, it just feels good to make something.

Next up, knitting and purling a couple of incomplete baby sweaters 
(they have some colour)
and a cozy pullover for me.

Are you making anything these days? 
I'd appreciate the inspiration!

Thank you for your visits, comments, and "follows".

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  1. I like these scarves and have two of them that were given to me. My sister-in-law has knitted me one in the same colours as yours which I thought would be nice and neutral for spring. The only think I'm creating is memories with my grandsons right now. :)

  2. I had fun knitting those scarves on the and made a total of five of them. Love them!

  3. That looks like a fun knit! Where did you find the pattern?

    I'm in the midst of sewing curtains these days. Measuring and re-measuring before I cut the fabric. I don't enjoy the process, but love the results!

  4. Lovely! I have some of that yarn but must confess - I had forgotten all about it. Thank you for the beautiful reminder.

  5. Love your scarf Karen! Well donne to you! You clever lady :0)
    Have a nice day
    Lot of love

  6. What a pretty scarf, Karen! I love that you have featured it in a heart shape. Thank you for sharing this with us and Happy Valentines Day to you and those you love!


  7. A few of my friends made these scarves. I haven't tried one yet. I love how you shaped it into a ❤. I think it would be pretty on a wreath!!!

  8. Pretty scarf Karen. I received a ruffled one for Christmas in shades of lavender, what else!

  9. Love scarves and this one is very pretty.

  10. The scarf is great. I like that it is a neutral and not heavy. I actually, now do not be shocked, made curtains. I rarely make anything:}

  11. Dear Karen,your scarf looks great!I like the colours of that yarn !Your pictures are amazing!Espessialy the one with the flower!You are so talented!Have a Happy Valentines Day!

  12. Your lace scarf is gorgeous Karen! Happy Valentine's Day to you!

  13. I love the scarf. And the lavender flower photo is gorgeous!

  14. Hi Karen,
    Love your new scarf, it is so pretty!
    Please, do share your other projects you are working on. I would love to see them!
    Happy Valentine's Day to you today!
    All the Best,

  15. Good Morning Karen, Isn't this ribbon yarn fabulous. I came a cross it last year and knitted Natasha a raspberry coloured scarf. I cast on 12 stitches to make it wider and made it shorter so the ruffles would appear beautifully above the collar of her jacket and she absolutely loved it. Having seen Natasha's scarf a couple of her friends have asked me to knit them one aswell. I love the colour you have chosen.....watch out your "knitting hands" might be making quite a few of these.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Best wishes

  16. I love the ruffled scarf you laid into a heart. Thanks for your recent comment on my photography blog your get well wishes are appreciated.


  17. Hi Karen,

    I came acroos the ribbon before Christmas and almost bought it but I thought better of it with all the other projects on hand :-) I agree with you completely on the feeling of accomplishment once you create something. A couple of things I made recently that were 'hits' are the tomato hearts and the heart pom pom :-)

    Visiting from pret-a-vivre.com

    1. Hello, Bi Ti

      Your messages don't appear in my email like the others, so I'll respond here. You showed strength in resisting materials for a new project! :)

  18. Your scarf turned out lovely Karen. I've just finished a baby blanket and now I'm working on some baby booties (for a new grand daughter due in the next couple of weeks) and I've just got the yarn for a little crochet sweater.

  19. Just the same blanket I've been working on SInce Jan 1. IM getting there. I'd like to finish this week.........



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