Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Quiet Evening

I went out for lunch with two friends today and it was nice to catch up on their news. Now, it's time for a quiet evening at home.

I have "de-Christmased" the living room and rather miss the glow of the tree lights (I'm still spotting fir needles here and there), but I do like the soft glow from this lamp.

Clearly, these two have a deep love of reading and would suggest it as a more suitable pastime that fiddling about on this keyboard.

Then again, there's a case to be made for sitting back and "contemplating life". 

How do you spend an evening by yourself?

Heartfelt thanks to all for your visits and comments.


  1. All is quiet here, too! I am about to finish my book and prepare for tomorrow!

  2. Mmmmm - with a book and a cup of tea
    a long, hot bubble bath, a book and a glass of wine
    with a cosy fire, a book and a dog on my lap.

  3. Sounds perfect! I love to relax with a book and a cup of tea each night.
    Sometimes a glass of wine and a movie.

  4. I spend a lot of time fiddling on this keyboard too. But I love to have a cup of tea or glass of wine and read a book or magazine.

  5. Happy New Year,Karen.
    I love that quiet and peaceful post.
    I love to have a cup of tea using my favorite cups, listenning to music.
    Your time is yours, with your heart.
    Thank you for your friendship last year.
    Have a wonderful New Year,Karen.


  6. Happy, peaceful and creative new year to you. I adore the shimmer of Christmas tree lights over the festive season but relish equally the clean slate of a house when it has been rid of all the decorations.

    An evening alone? How heavenly. Knitting, sewing, reading, or watching a series on our computer as we have no TV!

    Best wishes,


  7. Reading, embroidery,or listening to the radio is the way I enjoy time by myself. With a scented candle and the fire alight....bliss



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