Friday, January 13, 2012

Just Enough Snow

This morning, I woke up to snow. 

Just enough to cover the frigid ground in a crystalline carpet.

 Just enough to toss white pashminas around the shoulders of summertime astilbes.

Just enough to frame a young euonymus shoot suggesting the sunny spring ahead.

Just enough.

What do you have that is "just enough"?

Reminder: The second "Sunlit Sunday" link up is this weekend. I hope you'll consider participating. You'll be able to do so as of Saturday at 7 pm, Eastern Standard Time. (The first "Sunlit Sunday" is here.)

I appreciate your visits and love your comments.


  1. Hi Karen, the snow looks pretty. We only got a skiff and that was good. We had lots of wind so would have had a 2 day blizzard if we had gotten more snow.
    We had sunshine today so will have something to post for Sunlit Sunday.

  2. Love your snow photos...they are beautiful!


    PS I couldn't figure out how to do the linky thing."

  3. I love the idea of a pashmina on the astilbe!
    I spoke with the kids in Kingston this evening and they told me they've had snow. It's forecast for here tomorrow, but only at higher elevations - that's us!

  4. Hi,Karen.
    I do not like cold days, but love to see landscapes of snow. Your photos are very pretty! Seeing your close up snow photos I feel like I am shaveling snow with you!


    I am a slow learner about English and PC.
    I need lots of time to figure out how to join Sunlit Sunday. I need someone to help me here.

  5. We rarely have snow around Tokyo in Japan where I live.
    Your snow photos are beautiful!

  6. Hello Karen Your snow pictures are very pretty, I enjoyed seeing them, especially as we haven't had any this year. I love the astilbes wearing pashminas! Hope you are having a happy weekend.
    Helen x

  7. Oh wish we could have some snow. want to get out the camera. Love the description of the astilbes with the snow.

  8. Hi Karen
    I was at the Toronto Botanical Gardens today for a MG update and was thankful to have dry roads. The people from Creemore said they had a foot of snow between yesterday and overnight.
    I have enough new gardening information for my brain to absorb for awhile. Sonia Day was one of the speakers and what a hoot that woman is - calls it as it is!



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