Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I Do Love a Bargain!

One small car, one woman (moi), one 86 pound box.

One gets very good at angles and leverage when there isn't someone to help.
Where are Paul Bunyan and Mike Holmes when you need them?

I bought a much needed storage cabinet recently, or rather the bits and pieces that would become a cabinet. Hence, the 86 pound box.

The living room served as my workshop, poor thing. There were a few glitches along the way, but there it is! My half-price pine cabinet, standing and earning its keep. (Actually, it was less than half price; I had purchased my Christmas tree at the same store and received a coupon for use in January.)

Of course, having this new storage piece meant rearranging many other cupboards and drawers. You know how these things go! Things do look worse before they look better.

While some people have a fireplace mantel, I have a candle and a cabinet top!
I'll try to decorate it nicely.

 Or maybe I'll just read for awhile...

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Reading your comments (and perhaps cabinet top decorating ideas) is a real pleasure, so don't be shy! Thank you so much for visiting.


  1. Goodness, did you put it together yourself! I'm hopeless with all those nuts and bolts and such.

  2. Hi Karen
    I like it and I'm impressed you put it all together yourself. It's always interesting to me to see the books that others have. Do you decorate using Feng Shui?

  3. Your cabinet is very cute. I'm impressed that you put it together yourself. I bought my entertainment center in pieces like that. I would never have gotten it together if it weren't for my girlfriend who'e very handy at things like that.
    If you decide to read instead of decorating it, that's fine with me. :0)

  4. Good for you! Putting things together is just so much math to me.... I get into a panic at the thought of the problem/equation.

  5. Love the cabinet! 86 pounds-wow! How did you drag that in the house. You did a great job putting it together too.

  6. Oh man, you did that all by yourself? GOOD JOB! And your treasures look really wonderful there.

  7. I cannot and will not put items together especially after Joe bought us a Sleep Number bed. It said it can be built in one hour, well FOUR hours later it was ready and after that I would not dare return it and I really do not like it and it was not by any stretch a bargain. Lesson learned. hugs,olive

  8. Lovely new storage space.It always takes some time to find what goes inside and outside best.

  9. Your cabinet is beautiful. You are very manual. I will be unable to mount a piece of furniture like this because I do not understand anything in installation manuals!
    You have a beautiful garden and I love your pictures. Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your comment.



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