Sunday, June 26, 2011

Roses and Lavender: Ongoing Favourites

It's early evening, with a soft breeze and dappled light coming into the room.  Outside the window, I look at this Emily Carr rose bush (named after the artist) and can't believe how rapidly it has grown. Although only planted last year, as a gift, it is now about three feet tall, even greater in width, and almost covered in these bright red blossoms. 

quietly offering
a simple sprig of dream-inducing delight 
to slide into my pillow slip


  1. The rose is so delicate and beautiful,what a nice inspiration for you. What type of lavender is that? The blooms are lovely and I bet they smell heavenly.

  2. Oh, dear. I must start recording things! I planted this a few years ago, and I think it is Munstead, one of the English lavenders. After just picking a few pieces, the scent is lingering on my hands.

  3. I love your roses. They remind me of the ones my father grew. I can still smell them in my mind. Judy

  4. Judy, I'm glad the roses brought back such a pleasant memory for you!

  5. Hi
    I was just visiting Linda the Crafty Gardener and thought I'd check the updates on Canadian bloggers.
    You're brand new, welcome and you'll love meeting other gardeners across Canada and the sweet gals from the south.
    Drop by for a visit.

  6. Thank you for the warm welcome, Judith. I hope you will come here again.

  7. What a beautiful rose bush to honour Emily Carr. And the lavender so fragrant.

  8. April, clearly you are someone who knows about Emily Carr. Thank you for stopping by!



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