Tuesday, June 28, 2011

After the Rain

I woke up during the night and heard the gentle rain. I love that soothing sound, and knowing that my garden needed a good drink made me welcome it even more. The Morden Blush roses, bellflowers and astilbes certainly look refreshed.

Mind you, the garden needs more than rain. Yesterday, I weeded, mulched and cut back things that had gotten out of control. More to do, I confess. I need to develop some kind of garden-grooming routine. Feel free to pass on any tips that work for you.  I've been browsing some of your beautiful blogs, so I know you've developed some very good habits!

Today, my little house needs some attention. Things are scattered about, which makes me feel a bit scattered. But first, a quick morning look at the garden gave me pleasure; I hope it gives you some, as well.


  1. I must confess that I don't do as much tidying up of the garden in the summer months as I should. Besides watering it's kind of every flower for herself out there. That pink rose is so delicate and beautiful and oh my, I love that white astilbe.

  2. Whatever you are doing in your garden must be working, Lemon Lane. I love visiting your blog! I'm glad you liked the white astilbe.

  3. Your garden seems to be flourishing wonderfully! I can almost smell the aroma of fresh blooms when I see these images!

  4. Michelle, thanks for visiting. I just looked at your wonderful knitting blog again. MUST pick up my needles!

  5. Beautiful photos of a beautiful garden...

    I saw you mentioned on Cozy Little House..I thought I would stop by because if Brenda thinks you flower photos are something, they must be...

    I have friends in Alberta...

  6. Janie: Thank you for visiting. I'm very fortunate to have had Brenda feature my blog and send over some of her friends! (Alberta is beautiful!)



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