Wednesday, June 29, 2011


While traveling alone in Belgium, years ago, I remember staying in a small garret in an old house in Bruges. The proprietor took me up the flights of stairs to my room and I remarked that there were so many interesting objects within view. His comment, "For those who have eyes to see."

His words came back to me today. It is close to two weeks since my journey into the Land of Blogs began and my camera has been getting used daily (a new development). I find myself looking at things differently. More keenly. More thoughtfully. I want to notice things that I haven't noticed before. Not just the rose, but the heart of the rose.

Today, I noticed the vibrant hue of this spirea. Only afterwards, while examining the photo, did I observe the ladybug. Do you see it?

I noticed the gradations of green in the hydrangea blossoms, darkest when starting to bloom, then progressively lighter as they open. Soon, they will be white and wonderful.

I noticed how the hydrangea and spirea, together, simply pleased me.

"For those who have eyes to see." Some phrases stay with a person.
I hope you've found a minute in your day to notice something lovely.


  1. What a beautiful post. I so agree with you about the wonders of blogging and my new camera love. Not only do I notice "ladybugs" I also notice pruning I left behind and leaves that need to be raked. Your photos are wonderful! btw...I've added you to my blogs I love to visit sidebar.

  2. Lemon Lane, I am also noticing the things that still need to be done. Those weeds that sneak up through the cedar mulch are very persistent! Thank you so much for adding me to your sidebar. I really appreciate it.

  3. I love the quote from your host, "For those who have eyes to see"! I really think a lot of people walk around with blinders on!

    If I had the opportunity to play in a garden like yours, I may never get anything else done!

  4. Well put, and it's always amazing to see our photos afterwards to see what we missed when actually looking at a plant or garden.
    Mother Nature and the plant people who hybridize have gifted us with so much beauty.
    Your garden has many things to appreciate.

  5. Michelle: Thank you. I saw the sweet dress you made over at your blog. Lovely!

    Judith: I do appreciate having a small lot where I can grow things. Still learning as I go...

    Missing Moments: I'm so glad you came over to visit.

  6. Thanks for posting on my blog - I had to pop over to yours to check out your spirea photo with the ladybug - gorgeous!! :)

    Thanks again.. I'll add you to my blogroll..


  7. Hi, I'm visiting from your feature at Cozy Little House - welcome! Your flower photos are really gorgeous, and you obviously have a very green thumb :) Keep up the good work, and I'll look forward to seeing you often.

  8. Niki, I am glad you liked the ladybug photo and thank you very much for adding me to your blogroll. I am adding you here!

    Mary, I appreciate that you came to visit here, the kind words, and your warm welcome to blogging.

  9. What a beautiful reminder slow down take notice! I love your photos by the way. Just lovely...

  10. I am visiting you through Lavender Cottage. What beautiful flowers you captured! Hydrangea is in full bloom in Japan now. I am so glad to visit your blog! Have a good weekend.

  11. Redrose, thank you for visiting from Japan and for the kind words. I looked at your blog and am now following it. Beautiful!

  12. Jedbel, thank you for visiting. The home photos on your blog show great creativity!



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