Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Clematis: The Sequel

Yesterday, I posted a photo of one of my clematises.  This is another one that I have, planted last year.  I must say, it thrives on neglect! It may sound rather negligently optimistic of me, but I want the beauty of a garden, without spending hours and hours tending it.

This spring, I attacked various small garden plots that were on the verge of being completely reclaimed by the wicked weeds of the wilderness.  Strange little things that spread underground, sprang out of nowhere, and threatened to reach up and swallow the entire neighbourhood.  Well, perhaps that is overstating things, but you get the idea.

I admire the organized gardener, the one who knows exactly what to do and when to do it.  Sigh.  That isn't me.  However, some plants are blooming, others will follow, and that is enough. Thank you for taking the time to visit!


  1. My garden also thrives on neglect! I love the color of this clematis. Judy

  2. Thrives on neglect? Now that's my kind of plant. Maybe I should put some of these in front of my house. They are very pretty.

  3. Abby, they need to climb, so if you have a trellis or arbour you would be fine! Thank you for visiting.

  4. My Clematis strangles itself. I have it climbing on a trellis, but it still seems to wrap around itself and eventually the vines turn brown and die.
    It does come back each year and will bloom beautifully once.
    Any suggestions?

  5. Lynda, at the end of the season my vines and leaves are brown as well. I know that some varieties are supposed to be cut back each year to a certain height. Perhaps if you know the kind you have you could check about that. Also, I just read that if it is too wet that a fungus, leading to wilting and brown leaves, could result. I can't pretend to be an expert, just someone who putters about in the earth, with fingers crossed.



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