Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy First Day of Summer

My oldest clematis has started blooming (not yet fully) as the first day of summer has cycled around in my part of the world. Makes me think that I should cycle, literally, this season. At the back of my small shed -behind the lawn mower, garden tools, and assorted paraphernalia of questionable purpose and value- sits a blue bicycle with a brown wicker basket, in which nestles a purple helmet.

As a child, pre-helmet days, it was such a sense of exhilarating freedom to hop on a two-wheeled Super Cycle and zip effortlessly down a hill, or stand up and put all of my skinny-legged strength on the pedals, straining to conquer Mount Everest, or at least the steepest hill I encountered on that particular day.

Prince Edward Island, Canada

Yes! The bike will emerge this summer! Hold me to this. What will you do? Run through the sprinkler in your backyard? Head to the beach?  Fly a kite?

What will make you smile, dear readers?


  1. Thank you so much, Napiligal. I am glad you like them!

  2. What flowers are those? They are stunning!

  3. Sunny, they are a variety of clematis. In a few days, when more buds open, I'll post a picture of my arbour, which will have these ones growing on one side, and another variety on the second side. Plant-them-and-they-will-grow, a real no-fail bit of beauty!

  4. Cheerful flowers! Good on you for getting the cycle out.. No summer plans as of now.. :-(

  5. Thanks, Knottygal. As for cycling, I still need to clear out the shed before I can get to the bike. The idea is there, it is the follow-through I need to address!

  6. Your flower pictures make me long for a yard/garden!!! Someday I will flee the city... Until then, summers mean picnics in Millennium Park, Beaches of Lake Michigan, and "fest" season.

  7. Hi, Michelle. I just Googled Millennium Park and it looks fantastic. It seems like you have a lot to enjoy, living where you do! Thanks for stopping by!



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