Thursday, January 2, 2014

Reminder: ☀ Sunlit Sunday Returns Soon

Let's find some sunshine during the winter months!

Each week in the winter, from January until early April, I host a meme entitled "Sunlit Sunday".
I hope you'll join in the fun!
Links may be added to my post each Saturday evening at 8 pm (EST).
Season 3 begins this coming weekend, Jan. 4-5th. 

 Here's what you need to know:
You are invited to participate in this week's "Sunlit Sunday". Let's brighten up the beginning of a new week!
 Here's how:
  1. Create a post on the following theme: "sunlit". You may choose to include photos and/or words that illustrate a sunlit place or thing, a "sunny disposition", a sunny thought, or any other sunlit-related idea. Have fun with this! Be literal or figurative; be you!
  2. All photos must be your own or used with the express permission of the photographer.
  3. Copy my URL for this week's "Sunlit Sunday" and create a link on your post that will lead back here.
  4. Copy the URL for your specific post and add it to the amazing linking tool, below.
  5. Testing the links would be a great idea!
  6. The more links you visit and comment on, the more fun you'll have. Let's spread a little sunshine!
Everyone is invited to participate!
If you would like to see a sample link-up from 2013, click here.


  1. I hope that you have lots of sunny fun with this! xx

    1. I am a little overrun right now, so I won't join in tomorrow, but perhaps next week if that would be alright? xx

  2. Sunlit posts this week are going to have be of the figurative kind since all is grey, grey, grey here, with spatterings of rain. Still, there's a day or two to hope for some sunshine. Whatever happens, Sunlit Sunday is always fun.

  3. I want to try this, this year! We all need a little sunshine in our lives!


  4. A wonderful idea!

    After the Holidays, when Winter has fully settled in and life gets a wee bit dull, gray, boring, ho-hum, etc..... Is the perfect time for some Sunshine Addition. !!!!!!!!!


  5. We can all use a little bit of sunlight in our lives and your meme is always fun Karen.

  6. Lovely and sunny today, so got some photos to participate on Sunday :)

  7. I have mine ready. I always enjoy this meme.Not much sunshine here in central Ky. today. Snow covering the ground.

  8. Dear Karen,

    I wish you a very happy, peaceful and creative New Year! I really liked your previous post, Ordinary. How well we would get on if we lived close-by! Books, hazlenut coffee and fresh winter air? They sound absolutely perfect to me.

    Thank you so much for popping by! I'm looking forward to following you more regularly this year, dear Karen.

    Warmest wishes,




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