Friday, January 10, 2014


Hmmm . . .the incomplete sweater. That's the first sleeve you see in the basket, the front and back are finished and if I plan to wear it before July, I need to pick it up today. As for the poinsettia in this photo, it seems to be happily hanging in past the Christmas season.

At the other end of the room is an amaryllis that is slowing growing. I think it will get a growth spurt soon. After having been tucked away in a cool place, it now seems aware of the warmer, more hospitable surroundings.

Outdoors, it had been too cold to snow earlier in the month, but that's changed. Some fresh snow has fallen and there's a bit of shoveling and ice chipping to do before the rising temperature takes care of the rest of it tomorrow.
Shovel. Knit. Pack.

That will be my Friday. How about yours?
 (I'll be away for the weekend, but Sunlit Sunday will carry on as usual.)


  1. Hi Karen, Be careful on the ice. Like your poinsettia! Mine bit the dust - it was overwatered at the store plus probably got nipped by the cold when it went from store -> car. Good luck with your knitting and have a good wknd!

  2. Hi Karen,

    A beautiful, warm, blue hue on your sweater in the making! I managed to find two mid sized poinsettias on sale at a big box store that were drastically reduced because they, themselves, had been 'reduced' to a few leaves and petals. Anyway, had been nursing them back to health, UNTIL I over watered them yesterday! Hoping they'll pull through, as I cannot deal with guilt of knowing that I may have cut their precious little lives short!

    That's my Friday, frantic and frazzled!

    Have a lovely weekend!


    1. Sorry, should read, 'I cannot deal with THE guilt...'

  3. Shovel... Not fun.

    Knit... Fun.

    Pack... Ohhh sounds like a trip, on the horizon. That sounds like fun.

    Here.... Just iron a shirt for husband, for work. Get out to pharmacy to get needed things. Not very interesting, actually. But........

    Should try to do some of my own learning-to-knit. And read some more. :-)

    Happy Friday!


  4. Knitting sounds like the perfect anecdote to this cold weather...go for it!! My poinsettias are hanging in there bravely! Just a little reminder of a Christmas that seemed to fly by!

    Happy Weekend!


  5. I'd like to be shoveling, but I'm afraid there is no snow here. We need it so badly but every storm goes right around us. I love that your poinsettia is still hanging in there Karen. They just say Christmas to me so I love them.
    I really hope you model your sweater for us all when you finish, I am in love with the color!!!
    Thank you so much for the sweet words you left for me. I love it when you come by.
    sending hugs your way...

  6. Shovel, knit, pack?? Are you taking a winter vacation?? My amaryllis and poinsettia are still doing great here and I enjoy their beauty on these cold days. Rain coming for us tomorrow and Sunday. And with it warmer temperatures. Almost springlike. :)

  7. If I had all that snow outside and I was an amaryllis I think that I would have stayed hidden in my bulb for a while too!! If it is slower growing that just means that it will be with you for longer!! Hope you have a good trip away if that is what you are packing for. xx

  8. I have two poinsettias that are doing well but I usually toss them by spring. Have a nice weekend away, I'm babysitting again and off to the TBG for a Master Garden event tomorrow while hubby fills in for me. I may not make your sunlit party this week but can always come to read the posts.

  9. A trip - I hope it's to somewhere warm and sunny!
    The sweater will be beautiful, judging from the colour - I have projects on the needle too.
    Sunlit Sunday - I will try to be there!

  10. I wish it was snowing here! All we've been getting is rain!

  11. I'm in the middle of a prayer shawl right now...See you tomorrow for Sunlit Sunday!!! So sorry I missed the beginning!

  12. I hope you are going someplace warmer! I have yarn staring at me asking me when I'm going to get going on the next project. I think I'll pick up a book!



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