Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Tires, Balance, and Casting On Stitches

The photo is not a pretty one for a blog post, but it's a day of puttering about here at My Little Home and Garden. The winter tires that I hauled out of my basement last evening and stuffed into my car have been driven over to the garage and put on, ready for cold weather and snowfalls. Now, the other set needs to be unstuffed, rather like the bird at Christmas, and carted to the basement for storage. This is why women have hips, to balance tires being moved from Point A to Point B.

I had the wheels balanced as well. Given I'd noticed a bit of vibration while driving, that job was overdue. I'm never quite sure how often to address these sorts of things. A bit of online research suggests a plethora of opinions. Balancing them now seemed necessary and occurred around the same time as thoughts about a good balanced life. With Christmas on its way, I'm thinking about putting my own parameters on it, what to do (or not do) for the season.

One little pleasure is that I've started a small knitting project. More on that later. 

Right now, I'm off to write some Christmas cards. 

Enjoy your day.


  1. Karen, I smiled upon reading your commentary on balance, women's hips and tires! Lately, I have appreciated my hippy Mediterranean shape for carrying the basket of heavy load of freshly washed clothes outside to dry. It seems that the little indentation, a.k.a. a waistline, can be of great assistance, much like a kangaroo's pouch! ;-)

    Your red and white woolly project has got me wondering...hmm...what could it be?

    Have a cozy day!


  2. On the wheel balancing issue, I can say do it. I had the car wobble shakes and after getting my wheels balanced, nothing, nada, not a wibble or anything. If it doesn't work you know to investigate further, if it fixes it, voila, job done!

    Looking forward to seeing your knitting as it progresses!! xx

  3. I love your new header Karen. Very pretty. Winter tires are a great idea and I say that because we run all seasons on both cars!! I don't feel that safe but have gotten by fine for years. If the roads are really bad I just stay at home. It's good to get tires balanced when you notice a wobble as it will extend the wear of them. I'm wondering what you're knitting. A stocking or a scarf? Maybe you'll share soon. Pam

  4. These are things that need to be done. Good for you. Your knitting project looks seasonal! Looking forward to seeing more. Enjoy the process, stitch by stitch.

  5. Aha.... the mystery of hips has been solved *** grin**.
    Glad that you can cross that off your list.

    Your project looks like it's going to be beautiful. Red and white together are so cheerful!

  6. Good jobs done before the snow and cold, Karen. Now you are all set to settle down to some knitting.

  7. I look forward to seeing what the knitting project turns into!
    Winter tires..........I'm so grateful to be free of them!

  8. Well, Karen, I don't drive, can you beleive this ? I'm 49 and I still don't drive... I'm afraid, have always been. So I don't have to think about balancing the tires or taking them from the garage to the trunk of the car ! I love what you said about a good balanced life, it's not always easy and especially at this time of year. I see your getting busy with another knitting project, it's good to have projects like this. I don't knit but it must be so relaxing and peaceful. Have a beautiful week-end Karen :)

  9. My new vehicle as all weather tires so we don't miss hauling the snow tires out for my previous one. I can't believe you lifted them yourself Karen, do be careful! I loved the mild weather today at 53 F and I was in a mall for most of it. I think I have the shopping done though. How about you?

  10. Well done on getting the tyres sorted and the wheels balanced ready for the wintry weather to come. I love your sweet new knitting, I wonder what it will be? Wishing you a happy cosy weekend, Karen.
    Helen x

  11. Balance seems to be the hardest part of living and working. Even now in retirement, I have trouble balancing all that I want to do.

    I am taking Christmas slow and easy- balancing it with our everyday life.

    What ever you are knitting looks pretty in red and white.

  12. Hi, Karen
    Thank you so much for the kind words on my post :0) I'm so glad to hear from you again :0) Your new knitting project looks so festive and bright, love it.
    Lot of love from snowy Moscow



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