Sunday, December 15, 2013

Food and Friendship

I've caught the baking bug of late. Some morsels were for a lunch I was planning, but the bulk of it was tucked in the freezer to have on hand. I wouldn't say that I have a very sweet tooth, but at this time of year an ancestral reflex must come into play as the temperature drops and the oven gets preheated. 

For starters, shortbread seemed like a good idea at Christmastime.

I'm a fan of Lorrie's rugelach recipe. These were a big hit with my lunch guest. I like them warmed up just a touch.

Mince tarts are a classic at this time of year, some people love them, some people don't. The pastry is homemade, but I confess that the filling came from a jar. I can live with that. Maybe I should try making the filling sometime. Have you done so?

Warm butter crescent rolls. 

Count me among those who still enjoy bread . . .

especially when accompanied by a bowl of hot soup and a fresh salad.

We celebrated lunch and and our friendship.
 And talked.
For hours.
 Then I sent my guest home with stockings and baked goods.

It was time well spent. Here's wishing you your own special times.
Thank you for visiting and for your thoughtful comments.

Note: For those interested, Sunlit Sunday will resume on January 5, 2014 and run for 3 months. All are welcome to participate.


  1. Karen,

    You have been a busy bee of a baker, indeed! All your treats look and sound delicious and I'm so glad they were enjoyed with splendid conversation and a beautifully set table! Just charming!

    Happy Sunday!

    PS: What? There are people who walk amongst us who DON"T like bread??!!;-D

  2. Everything looks delicious and I would like to taste some of your mince tarts, they must be very tasteful. Frendship is very precious and we are so lucky if we have some good ones!
    Best wishes from me !

  3. I am enjoying my coffee and your photos have me reaching for something sweet. It all looks so delicious! Enjoy your day, Patty

  4. Looks like you had a wonderful time with lots of great food and friendship. I love mincemeat tarts but never make them anymore as I am the only one that eats them... But I do need to make some butter tarts soon. Have a wonderful holiday season! Hoping that we have some sun so that I can participate in your Sunlit Sundays.

  5. Everything looks delicious and I'm sure your house smelled wonderful. I do hardly any baking anymore, since the girls moved to their own homes. But we do like sweet treats and I buy most from a local baker or from M&M.

  6. I love your blog! You made mince tarts - a girl after my own heart. I know I'd love a wander in your garden and a tea at your table.

  7. I enjoy a mincemeat tart, and use the PC brand without suet. I had homemade mincemeat in a pie at a pot luck Thursday night, it was so good!
    Sounds like a nice lunch you had with your friend.

  8. LOL you are right about that ancestral reflex. I was baking cookies yesterday wondering why I don't do it more often but maybe we do it so often around Christmas that we burn out afterwards.
    However all of your food looks so darn good right now that I need to go have an afternoon snack asap! :)

  9. Shortbread is so lovely isn't it and always appreciated by everyone! What a great thing to make. I was intrigued by your mince tarts, in England they always have a top of some sort, usually either a circle or star of pastry. Do you normally leave them open in Canada or is that just your preference? Just wondered! Hope you have a great week. xx

  10. Everything looks sooooo good! My mum used to make her own mincemeat, and we'd all give it a stir. Nowadays I just try to buy the best jar I can find!
    I look forward to Sunlit Sundays!

  11. It all looks yummy Karen. I used to bake pound cakes for Christmas and make fudge. I quit a while back. This year I seem to be making a whole lot of homemade pimento cheese which is especially easy. Happy Christmas

  12. Your guest must have really enjoyed their lunch visit with you, Karen. Everything looks so delicious. I use the jar mincemeat and frozen tart shells and they are good with vanilla ice cream on them. :) Your table setting is very pretty.

  13. Oh Yum. It all looks so delicious. I still enjoy bread, but do restrict myself a little. I'm not a fan of mincemeat, but my husband is. If I make mince tarts I buy a jar of it.

  14. Mmmmmm the Rugelach looks so delicious - I have saved the recipe and will try some this week. This is my big baking week and I've lots of new recipes to try. I too love bread - and soup - oh everything looks so wonderful. Great photos too.

  15. Everything looks delicious. You created a wonderful setting for your guest to enjoy your company.

    I baked this morning to go to a Cookie Exchange. My kids were disappointed when I returned home. They preferred my cookies to the ones I brought back.

  16. Absolutely delicious. You have inspired me to make some similar things, shortbread is always nice to have in the house. And the rugelach sounds wonderful.

  17. The food looks wow! Especially the soup and crescent rolls........ it's always great to share with love!

    Happy Monday!

  18. I am just hungry looking at all the goodies. This week and next will be my baking and cooking time for the holidays. Watch out food.

  19. All those pictures of delicious food.......I just get hungry. Shortbread, hot soup and mince tarts, it cannot be better. You also made a lovely tablesetting.

  20. Ooh yummy, just as well I'm eating lunch otherwise you would have me reaching for the biscuit tin!
    I love your little stocking ornaments too, they are so adorable.
    Thank you for admiring my knitting :)

  21. You have been a busy little bee, Karen, with all your baking. And it all looks so good! I went to a bake sale and bought all my baking. I just don't it anymore. My grandma used to make her own mincemeat and make pies every Christmas when I was growing up. I haven't had any for years.
    Enjoy your week!

  22. Karen, all of your baked goods look so delish!
    You can count me among those that still enjoy bread, as well.
    Nothing beats a slice of homemade bread, or a warm roll .

    Sounds as if you had a lovely time with your guests, and they certainly had a delicious meal!

    Merry Christmas.

  23. Mmmm yummy baking, now I am feeling hungry! I love days like this, catching up with a friend and talking for hours, and enjoying some tasty treats too. Wishing you a happy festive week, Karen.
    Helen x

  24. Hi,Karen
    Sorry, long time no see. I have been on the go. Wow, what a lovely tea set. I wish I could join you.

    Have a very Merry Christmas, and I wish you all the best in the New Year, too!

  25. I forgot to say that our new header is lovely!! I like it very much.

  26. Your china is beautiful, Karen. The soup looks great and so do your rolls and shortbread. I've never made shortbread but I like it. My grandmother made homemade mincemeat. Yes, it actually had meat in it. She was a wonderful cook.



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