Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

A recent ice storm led to the loss of power in my neighbourhood for much of one day and phone/internet/TV for the better part of two.

Up to 300 000 people lost power in the large city nearby. I had plans to go have Christmas dinner with friends at their home, but on the 24th they were still in the dark. Which is why I'm sitting here, waiting for my guests to arrive. Fortunately, their power has since been restored. (I had invited them here a couple of days ago, but they were content with the heat from their gas fireplace.)

I hope your day is a happy one.

Merry Christmas.


  1. Merry Christmas Karen!

    I may be across the Atlantic, nestled in the hills of the Cretan countryside, but your ice storm and I have been very well acquainted the last few days! My sister's home in Unionville was without power/phone/internet/heating/ from about 2am Sunday morning until just after 4pm Christmas Eve! They had been sleeping with layers and their coats on, huddled around the fireplace and making food runs every few hours. Afraid that the pipes might freeze and burst, they stuck it out till power was restored. Thankfully, everyone is well, after a hot shower and a warm night's sleep!

    Stay safe and snug! It's amazing how something so breathtakingly beautiful can cause so much damage! I am saddened by all the mature trees in the leafy neighbourhoods that gave way to the heavy, piled ice! Wonder what spring will look like...


  2. Ice can make for beautiful photos but it can cause so much damage and inconvenience. Glad your power is restored and you can enjoy Christmas Day with your friends!
    I was feeling a little sad as it is the first Christmas without my mom. But as it turned out I had an awesome Christmas with friends and family! I will post about it soon.

  3. Μerry Christmas Karen! Wish the New Year bring us hope, strenght, prosperity, peace...Thank you for your friendship and your kind comments on my little blog.
    Warm regards from here!

  4. Karen, wish you have the most wonderful Christmas and a Very Happy New Year as well! (Hope all will be Ok with the power) Best and warmest wishes to you from Moscow.
    Natasha & kids

  5. Beautiful photos. I hope all went well with your guests and Christmas dinner and that some power has been restored. I can't imagine what people are going through. Blessings. Pam

  6. Merry Christmas! We were without power for only a few hours and so we consider ourselves very, very lucky. The older part of Brampton where there are lots of mature trees along the street were not as lucky. My garden did not fair as well though. We have lots of branches down and two trees will probably have to be cut down. Still I feel I can't complain. All the best for the new year!

  7. Hi Karen
    I hope everyone that had no power was able to stay with friends or family and still have some celebration of Christmas.
    We were very lucky not to be without at any time, but still have family without their power restored.
    Wishing you a sunny day like we have here.

  8. Hello Karen I hope you had a lovely Christmas with your friends, after all the ice and the power disruption! Lots of homes in the UK suffered power cuts and flooding but we were lucky in our little corner of the north west.....just windy and chilly here. Enjoy the rest of the holidays, and keep cosy!
    Helen xx

  9. Merry Christmas Karen and best wishes for a Wonderful and Creative 2014!
    Keep warm and safe,
    Susan x

  10. I hope that you had a great Christmas and that you have a wonderful 2014. Hope that you are safe and sound from the storms now and that you have electricity etc all back on. xx



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