Sunday, September 1, 2013

Labour Day Weekend

In lieu of showing you the garbage cans of branches and bags of garden debris,

I'm opting to show you some colour.

Sunny yellows remind me that summer will still be here for a few more weeks 
and that Mother Nature follows her own schedule, 
not that of the school calendar.

A flowering branch from a neighbour's shrub tells me that second changes come,
that not all blooming comes in the spring of life.

Roses also provide evidence of that truth.


Big, juicy, red tomatoes shout about the abundance of harvest time

and tiny green ones teach patience and the joy of anticipation.

Happy Labour Day Weekend to you.

Thank you for visiting.

I appreciate your comments here and on Facebook.

Have a lovely week.


  1. Yes, there are still lovely blooms left in the garden. I've been doing some clean up as well, figure by doing a little bit at a time I won't feel so overwhelmed with it all at once. I'm also moving the odd plant to a new spot so the roots get established before the frost sets in. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  2. Beautiful pictures. We still have a few flowers blooming and I do have some marigold that decided to come up in my veggie garden this year. My veggies didn't do too well though. I need to get out and do some cleaning and moving.

  3. What lovely photos. Such pretty blooms. Gorgeous veggies too.

  4. Karen your garden is still looking lovely...mine took another beating with some strong storms last Friday night...I'm hoping it bounces back before the cool fall weather settles tomatoes didn't do well this year either...oh well - there's always next year!!

  5. Lovely colourful post and your food looks healthy and delicious!

  6. Thank you Karen. Happy Labor Day Weekend to you also. It is nice to see the colors are still so vibrant and beautiful in your yard. Mine is a little exhausted from the extreme heat. Enjoy :)

  7. Happy Labour Day, Karen! Our day started out cloudy and gloomy, but the sun has broken through here and there. It really feels as though fall is around the corner, but I love that season and so am happy in anticipation.

  8. You still have some very pretty blooms in your garden! My hardy hibiscus just bloomed today.
    I hope you had a good weekend.

  9. Oh Karen, these beautiful late Summer blooms are wonderful to carry color through in your garden.

    We can learn a lot from working with Mother Nature in our gardens....
    on the other side of the world where I live, it's a time of anticipation in early Spring.
    Watching and waiting for new growth to push it's way through the soil!

    Thank you for visiting me and leaving your comment.

    Shane x

  10. une matinée enveloppée dans le brouillard
    l'automne arrive , les couleurs changent
    les Dalhias et les Asters sont à la fête
    merci pour ce partage de vos si jolies fleurs
    edith(iris) France

  11. A lovely collection of beautiful flowers from your garden. I really love the photo of your big juicy tomatoes ! I hope you had a great labour day week-end, and hopefully we're going to see a few more warm days. Have a nice week Karen :)

  12. There's a lot of beauty here, Karen. I loved seeing your flowers, and that salad looks scrumptious! I haven't begun garden clean up tasks yet but the time is definitely coming. Have a blessed day! Beth



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