Thursday, May 31, 2012

Poppy Love

I'm behind in my gardening and should be doing it now, but I was distracted by my poppies. How could I not be when I noticed a bud opening up in the course of 30 minutes?

I hope you enjoy the distraction as well.

It's back outside for me, the weeds, mulch and tomato plants are waiting.

Care to share your plans for the day?


  1. Poppies are amazing, aren't they? Mine are gone now, sob.

    I'm walking around the garden taking pictures. Contemplating making a rock garden.


  2. Karen, your poppies are beautiful! I love the color. I don't have any poppies in my garden. I would love to be working in my garden, but the garage needs cleaning so that's where I will be.
    Enjoy you day in the garden.

  3. Beautiful poppies, I love them.

    Yours are a very pretty colour.

    Here in Ireland mine haven't flowered yet
    looking forward to them though as they
    certainly brighten up the place.

    Happy gardening.


  4. They are splendid. I push mowed a half acre of grass. CC vacuumed and I am about to mop. I need to weed badly...

  5. So beautiful. I love the papery thinness of poppy petals.

  6. Hi Karen, They are so gorgeous! I have oriental poppies as well. I've never seen them open so quickly - how neat!
    My plans for the day? Well, it's 5:35 pm and my plans for the evening include reading. What I did today: No gardening to speak of, as it rained all day (we needed the rain and I am grateful!) I spent an hour conversing with my son, a couple of hours volunteering at the animal shelter, and got groceries. Probably more than you cared to know! lol
    Hugs and blessings, Beth

  7. oh my - your garden is so pretty!! Thanks so much for all the inspiration.
    It's the first day of winter here in Australia - but I have lots of lovely gardens to admire in the Northern Hemisphere whilst I wait for Spring to arrive :)
    ...I've headed on over from Cozy Little House
    Cheers, Kelly

  8. Hi Karen
    My poppies are transplants from the arboretum last fall so I'm waiting to see what colour they are. A magnificent flower from bud to bloom and seed head.

  9. Your poppy photos are wonderful. I'm always out taking photos of the various plants at all different stages and very often get side tracked and don't do what I had set out to do. You have to get those photo moments right away because they change so quickly.

  10. Beautiful poppies! Mine should be out next week; we just need a couple of days of sunshine after all of the lovely rain.

  11. They are very pretty. I always loved poppy petals; they are just like the finest tissue paper.

  12. Hello! Just found your cute blog via Helen Philipps and love it :o) I`m your newest follower from Russia! Nice pictures and beautiful poppies too! You are very welcome to visit my blog too and enter into my giveaway, if you like, of course
    With love from Russia

  13. I have never watched a poppy open and had no idea they did it so quickly. It is also interesting to see that the the "cap" comes off to the left. Thank goodness for a little rain, eh! Have a great weekend.

  14. Beautiful! Lucky you! I love poppies but I don't have a single one in our new gardens. I must remedy that!



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