Monday, May 7, 2012

One Quick Photo (or two)

My plan was to tidy-up the garden bed that is sandwiched between the back of the house and the patio. Funny how one thing leads to another, in this case pruning some bushes and cutting back the New Dawn rose on my arbour; it was threatening to take over and prevent access to the backyard.
I kid you not. Its summer blooms of the softest, sweet-smelling pink are in direct contrast to its thorny willingness to thrive and propensity to send canes hither, yon and everywhere in between. I love it.

Last Summer

Out front, my purple sandcherry (pictured at the top of this post) is not too happy. I had to cut it back, way back, last year and it looks rather pathetic. I'm trying to decide whether to keep it or say au revoir. As the old song goes, "Breaking up is hard to do."  Any opinions?


  1. Climbing roses can be scary. Our Lady Banks climbs the house and is CraZy I tell you. We prune it without mercy. So I say prune climbing roses however makes you comfortable.

  2. I have a new dawn climber that has just started to bloom. I am hoping it will eventually work its way up and over our patio covering but it has been rather slow growing. This is it's second year but I am still hopeful. If a plant doesn't do well after a good cutback and feeding I will usually find a new home or toss it. Harsh I know...Enjoy your time in the garden. Patty

  3. Hi Karen
    I like New Dawn so much there is one on the front arbour and another on the arbour into the back yard. They needed hardly any pruning this year as there was little die-back.
    As for purple sand cherry - they are a short-lived shrub. Many people here lost theirs after a harsh winter several years back. Mine came through it fine but then started to decline anyway due to age. They get spindly, even with whacking back and don't put out that many leaves. The 2 out front were dug out last year after 14 years and I just replaced them with perennials as there is a weeping mulberry in the middle of the bed. Pull out the catalogues and start thinking about something new - it's always fun.

  4. Hi Karen, I just took a little break from cleaning out the basement and your last 4 posts just showed up on my blog roll an hour ago. I wonder how come I haven't gotten them before. Anyway I read them all and your flower are beautiful. What program are you using for the mosaics?

  5. I agree- if it's not a good performer get rid of it. I have one climbing rose on my arbor that seems to be taking forever to get going.

  6. My hubby will always give a plant or flower a third, fourth even fifth chance to do well. Not me, if you dont show you go..hope you do what you think best! Happy spring!

  7. I'm not much good at gardening, but I would certainly not bid goodby to your sandcherry ! Maybe it will get better next year ? I always found it so sad when my grandmother got rid of flowers (wich isn't really a good reason to keep them !)... Your roses look really nice !

  8. I happened across your blog this morning and totally fell in love with your photos, your garden. LOVE!
    No comment about the sand cherry but wanted to say that because I love your blog so much I decided to include it in my "Monday mingle" list of blog links.
    Happy gardening! Angels be with you.

  9. There really is no compeling reason to get rid of your purple sandcherry. There are so lovely.



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