Tuesday, May 15, 2012

House Hunting and My Garden

It dawned on me that it had been over a week since I made a blog post. Most of my computer time has been spent looking at a variety of sites featuring homes for sale in my city.
Most warranted only a quick look online, 
several deserved a drive-by, 
two led to a tour, 
one of the latter even got a second visit, 
but "the house" is still to be found.  
The Hunt continues.

After a "drive-by" of three houses this morning, it was back to mine where things are blooming, like the pink bleeding heart, an old favourite of mine.

This I planted last year, having bought it at a garden club plant sale, and it has taken off with great enthusiasm. What came in a small pot is now several feet wide and a couple tall. If only I could recall its name! I need to do a bit of research to identify it, unless you happen to know...

The buds are red, then open up into tiny white blossoms with a pale blue base. It seems like a bit of magic to me.

Over by the fence, I get the pleasure of seeing my neighbour's white lilacs. I can't describe how wonderful the scent is as it wafts over my back garden. I'd like to say I linger and lounge under its spell, dressed in a floral print dress with a lovely straw hat and glass of something refreshing...

I'd like to, but my outfit du jour was an old, deep lavender t-shirt and an even more ancient pair of blue jeans. Accessorizing the ensemble was a red plastic bucket; I was ready to scoop into the wheelbarrow, one load at a time, some of the 3 cubic yards of cedar mulch that was delivered today. Scoop, repeat. Repeat. Keep repeating tomorrow.

 I am so glad mulch is lightweight!

I had company while I worked. Plenty of winged friends...

Some with feathers...

Some without.

It was a glorious day to be outside. How did you spend yours?


  1. Hi Karen, Love your centaura! You caught that bee beautifully (and the robin too). Good luck on your house hunt!

  2. Fantastic photos, I love the birds. The bees, well you know ;-). Good luck house hunting. xo

  3. House hunting is something I love to do - it's the house-selling that's not so much fun! I had a lovely day, having been locked out of today's work site, I was forced to spend the day in used book stores, craft stores and lovely little home decor shops. It was a great day!

  4. Hi Karen
    I spent the day gardening like you and enjoying the weather and wildlife. The best part when done was hubby bringing me an iced latte from Timmy's.

  5. These photos are great Karen. It's been too wet and rainy here to do much in the garden. I get out and weed when I can (they are growing quite well) between showers. The first hummingbirds are around today which makes me happy. I love to watch them at the feeder and flowers. All the best with your house search!

  6. Karen, Your bleeding heart is gorgeous. I planted one a few years ago and I can't get it to grow. What is the blue flower with the bee? I have one that is just starting to bloom. I got it from my daughter a couple of years ago and can't remember what it is.
    Sorry I can't help with the name of the one you are wondering about. The white lilac is lovely. The lilacs around here didn't fare too well after a couple of nights of frost when they were budding.

  7. Miss Karen every thing looks So pretty. Wish I could help with the name but I don't think I have ever seen one like that before but sure looks like something I would love to have..
    have a wonderful week hugs, Cherry

  8. Hey Miss Karen, I do so pray ya find the house of your dreams!!!

    Your pictures are so very beautiful and your flowers are shinin' in all their beauty for sure!!!

    I really need to be out there haulin' my dump truck load of mulch right now 'stead of here!!!

    God bless ya sweetie and have a wonderful Wednesday!!! :o)

  9. It was a bit too hot to spend much time outdoors yesterday but today promises to be more comfortable. I am hoping to spend this weekend mulching the gardens they are in desparate need of it. Enjoy your time outside. Patty

  10. I have also been absent from blogging recently, due to computer issues, not good and visitors, good reason enjoying life in the real world. Your garden is looking lovely and sounds like it is keeping you busy along with the house hunting.

  11. I would be sad to move away from such a beautiful garden. I think your flower is a Comfrey of some sort.

  12. My goodness those photos are amazing.

    I love the flowers, the birds, everything.

    I hope that you have a lovely weekend
    and get to enjoy that wonderful space.

    I have no idea what the plant is
    but it is so pretty
    wish I had one!


  13. I told our realtor she needed to understand we were buying a garden with a house rather than the other way around. I think I make her nervous.

  14. Fantastic photos, I love the birds. The bees, well you know ;-). Good luck house hunting..

    Garden Centre Albrighton

  15. I have been noticing more bees around so far this year. How lovely to hear their buzzing as they flit from flower to flower. We all need a break from blogging from time to time and I've had some time off too. Good luck with the house hunting.

  16. You have taken some gorgeous garden pictures here, Karen! I especially love those old fashioned cornflowers...mine have just come into flower too. Good luck with the house hunting, I hope it goes well and you soon find 'the one'.
    Wishing you a happy week.
    Helen x



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