Saturday, March 19, 2016

☀Sunlit Sunday: The Second Last Time

Welcome to Sunlit Sunday, our second last gathering for 2016.
Spring is arriving this weekend (for some of us), so farewell to winter.

It was a gorgeous day for a long walk by the lake and a long talk with an old friend. The beginning of the week was grey, but things have turned around. Another bit of exercise was attempting to manipulate a large, past-its-prime wool area rug out of the house, into my car and up to the waste management facility. The name is grander than the former one: the dump.

I thought I'd take a photo of the opening Christmas cactus flowers and someone decided to get in on the act and steal the spotlight. The colours look rather bright, but I didn't tinker with them, it was just the bright afternoon sunlight having some fun.

I hope you found some sunny spots in your week.

It's your turn.


  1. That looks like a very nice walk. The sunlight on the Christmas cactus is pretty. I think I still prefer dump! :) Thanks for hosting Sunlit Sunday. It's been fun...

  2. Oh - wonderful photos - the cactus colors look like we could reach right in the photo and touch them. The lake is gorgeous. Sweet kitty!

  3. Hello Karen, your walk in the sunshine and talk with a friend is a great way to spend time. What lovely bright colors in your cactus, with a fun-loving photo bomber! Thanks for hosting!

  4. The second last time! These weeks went so fast, too fast!
    Lovely photos with a very cute photo bomber. :)
    Thank you for hosting, Karen! Happy Sunday!

  5. Hi Karen! I tried to link my Ester tulpis but somehow it does not work... Anyway Happy Easter!

  6. Spring is coming, although it is still cold.
    Sweet cactus and sweet cat...
    Happy easter time

  7. It looks like the perfect day for a walk around the lake Karen.
    Sweet Mya knows a good photo op - she looks a very contented cat too.
    Thank you for hosting and I'm sorry I'm late again - birthday celebrations this week!

  8. I have missed the last few Sunday's and have missed it very much. True that Spring is quickly coming and thank goodness for it Karen. Sending love and thanks for the link up

  9. Getting rid of your carpet doesn't sound sunny, but the satisfaction of doing such things is very sunny isn't it! Of course beautiful flowers always bring sunshine don't they. Thank you for hosting! Hope you have a good week. xx

  10. Lovely photos , Yes spring has sprung officially here . Thanks for sharing have a good week !

  11. What a nice place to go for a walk I can walk near the bay but it's a bit too cold for me yet. Mya looks so content Though it's frosty here it's a pretty start to spring!

  12. I can't think of a nicer way to welcome spring than with a walk with a friend in the sunshine. Like yours, my Christmas Cactus is an Easter bloomer!

    1. That's because, Ladies, your cactuses are not Christmas ones. They are Easter ones as evidenced by their smooth (not jagged) leaves. I labored under the false id for my cactus for years. It made all the difference when I learned what she really was. Yup, it changes how they are cared for. Google it!

      Say, Dear One, are you no longer blogging?

  13. Hi,Karen
    For sure, Spring has come in your place. Your cactus is pretty. My cactus in a pot is almost 17 years.
    It still blooming but a little bit shrinking. Thank you for your host,Sunlit Sunday!!
    Hope you have a good new week ahead.



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