Saturday, March 5, 2016

☀Sunlit Sunday: Potted Tulips & Mya

Welcome to Sunlit Sunday this week. We'll wrap things up at the end of the month, but, I hope, keep in touch beyond then. I still need to get better at blogging more often and figuring out what I want to say.

I can't just share foster cat photos! This little miss has been enjoying her cat tree more and more since I've moved it into the living room. I think Mya likes the late afternoon sun. She is very active and can amuse herself with her Crinkleball toy, tossing it around, chasing it and even carrying it over to me to throw for her. Maybe she's part dog. I do think her colouring is beautiful, but I'm not sure how to describe it.

Speaking of colour, I picked up a pot of tulips in the grocery store. I admired the soft pink ones, but opted for something with a bit more zing. I'll enjoy them opening up indoors, then can plant the bulbs in the garden come fall. Double the pleasure.

One more of Mya, shimmering in the sun. If, by the way, you have any ideas of how I promote this girl on the animal rescue Facebook page, do pass them along. Adoption is the goal, but she's fun to have around in the meantime!

Here's wishing you some sunny moments in the new week!
It's your turn. 


  1. Your tulips are beautiful, I really love the two tone ones...I nearly bought something similar this week and then succumbed to yellow! Mya is so pretty, also two toned and that makes her stand out in the kitty crowd!! :)


  2. Such beautiful and fun photos of Mya! I have never heard of a cat that carries toys over to his/her people to throw. Maybe she's part dog indeed! :)
    Your tulip photos are lovely! I too have potted tulips opening, but the colour is not what was promised by the photo... Sunshine would be really needed now for nicer pictures!
    Thank you for hosting, Karen, and have a happy Sunday!

  3. Oh pretty tulips - I love all colors of tulips. What a sweet kitty to enjoy.

  4. Marvellous tulips - such a wonder we need in this time - and sweet Mya. One part dog... that I think often of my cat, shes very active too and always by my feets..
    Have a sunny sunday

    (Again not managed to make photos in this week)

  5. Mya is such a beautiful tortoiseshell cat. This type often has a quirky character. :) You have convinced me to pick up some flowers today while we wait for Spring to arrive. Deb

  6. Those tulips look good enough to eat. Like some fancy dessert. Some one will surely want to give Mya a home she is beautiful. So appreciate your hosting this meme.

  7. Lovely photos . Such lovely Tulips to have in side with the sun shining and a pretty tortoiseshell kitty having fun , what could be better , The sun has been shining here to , it has some lovely heat to it now as well and temps have been rising during the day , the promise of spring is in the air WOOHOO ! Thanks for hosting and sharing , have a good week !

  8. pretty pretty Tulips are one of my favs....

  9. I think Mya is a beautiful kitty. She shimmers in the sun light. Beautiful tulips! I eyed some cut tulips at the grocery this morning, but I passed. Have a beautiful sun filled day.
    Hugs and Purrs!

  10. I don't know, foster cat pictures are pretty cute you know!! Sorry to have missed this week again, my post today is not sunny! I will aim for the rest of the month though! xx

  11. Your pot of tulips are bright and cheery! I gravitate to the pink ones, usually, but these are winning me over. Mya is a beautiful cat. I hope she finds a great home.

  12. Hello,Karen,
    Your tulips are so pretty. They truly big sign of spring coming soon. They are brightening by your window full of sun shine. Mya sitting on the pink blanket looks relaxing! Thank you for your host.
    Have a happy new week.

  13. I love this time of year, when tulips and daffodils fill all the pails outside the grocery stores. Mya is a very glossy girl - lovely in the sunshine!

  14. Mya is a darling and one would think she has been with you forever Karen!
    Exquisite tulips, I'm sure Mya enjoys them as much as you do!
    Many thank yous for hosting amid your busy Cat Rescue schedule.
    Shane x

  15. Oohhh... Your foster-baby is so pretty! Please feel free to share a bit about her on my Facebook page, if you like. I'll help promote her, if I can. Purrs, Seville.



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