Saturday, March 12, 2016

☀Sunlit Sunday: Mad Dash

Welcome to ☀Sunlit Sunday. It's a bit of a mad dash to get this post up and ready by (roughly) 8 pm. Emails are flying back and forth. I'm lucky enough to have some new furniture arriving Tuesday morning, but I just found out today it was ready and I still have the old sofa and chairs in my living room.

Emails to a couple of places that might take donations. Emails to a young woman I know who has seen it and sat upon it and thinks it would suit her just fine. I'm sending photos to her and pointing out the items do have some issues. Let just say the artfully tossed throws are there for a reason! I hope she takes my advice and comes over to take a good long look at each piece before she and her husband rent a trailer, just in case.

Meanwhile, the pot of tulips is still hanging in, catching the light and looking lovely. The Christmas cactus, which had a few blooms in December seems to have plans to produce some flowers for Easter.

The sunny, afternoon light show will go on later in the day, once the clocks change this weekend and we "spring forward". If you're in Saskatchewan, you needn't bother! For those who live in other countries, Saskatchewan is one of Canada's western provinces and the only one that does not set the clocks forward an hour in springtime and back an hour in the fall. You may not have known that, but perhaps you've heard of our new Prime Minister's visit to Washington. Justin Trudeau has made quite a splash!

The wonderful foster beast. Little does she know her living room is about to be torn apart. She is a sunny presence in my home and makes me laugh every day. I'd write more, but Mya has decided to rub her head on my laptop in a plea for attention. She is not to be ignored!

I hope you all have a lovely new week!
It's your turn.


  1. Lovely light on that tulip! Hope everything gets squared away for the new furniture! How fun...

  2. Your cactus blooms will be lovely. Mine has done nothing this year - nothing at Christmas and nothing now.
    New furniture - fun! Hope you get everything organized soon. Thanks for hosting Sunlit Sunday.

  3. Mya is the name of my daughter's 15 year old cat that still lives with us. Your Mya looks like a sweetie. I hope a forever home can be found for her. The tulip is beautiful- love the solo picture of it. I've done the frantic furniture shuffle before. Tried to sell a sofa in mint shape and gorgeous but no one seems to want to pay much for these things. Sold it for a song and dance but at least I got rid of it so I'd have room for the new stuff. I hope you can find a place for yours quickly. Thanks for the party- sorry I haven't participated sooner!

  4. How nice to be getting new furniture---please post when it's all settled. I think it would be just fine to not mess with the time. I know its for a good reason but I don't like the way it disrupts sleep. :(

    Pretty kitty!!


  5. Beautiful flowers and a fun post, Karen! It's indeed lovely to get new furniture.
    Your foster cats look always so peaceful and satisfied in your home - so does Mya. :)
    Thank you for hosting and have a great new week!

  6. Sweet Mya!
    Have a sunshine in your day and good luck for the changes in your home

  7. How very exciting to have new furniture arriving Karen!
    Mya doesn't look impressed - I think she has an inkling somethings up!
    Beautiful tulip and flowering cactus.
    Daylight saving makes such a difference - we change back on Sunday 3rd April.
    Autumn has arrived in our part of the world.

  8. Always fun getting new furniture . Yup clocks are done and now looking forward to spring officially arriving and the Easter weekend ! Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing and hosting , Have a good week and hope there is lots of sunshine in it to !

  9. It sounds very busy at your house indeed!! Our clocks don't change until Easter Sunday so we have a couple of weeks yet, but I know it will be glorious when they do change! Thank you again for hosting, hope you have a great week and love your new furniture! xx

  10. Pretty cactus - and kitty. Sunlight does cheer things up.

  11. Good luck with the furniture business!
    I was so proud to see the Prime Minister and President - such decent, statesmen like gentlemen!

  12. Beautiful sunlit post Karen and Mya is just so lovely ♥
    Susan x



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