Saturday, March 26, 2016

☀Sunlit Sunday: Our Final Week

Welcome to the final week of Sunlit Sunday for 2016. For most of us, spring has begun (ice storms notwithstanding). Others are all set to roll into autumn. Wherever you're from, thank you for joining in this year, even if this week is your first time.

Tulips called to me this week, in colours often associated with Easter. I have some tulip leaves in the garden, but I haven't looked at them since things got a nice coating of ice a couple of days ago. I hope they survived and spring forth now that it's getting a bit warmer.

Meanwhile, I'll enjoy some cut ones indoors.

Here's hoping the rabbit and mouse don't nibble them.

To those who celebrate it, Happy Easter.
To all, may this new season bring you joy.

Thank you for sharing your posts about sunlit themes over the past few months. It's been a pleasure to host this little gathering for you.
Your turn.


  1. Wishing you a beautiful spring and a blessed Easter! Your tulips are beautiful. I need to get some cut tulips since it's going to be a while before I see mine blooming! Thanks for hosting these parties!

  2. The yellow and purple tulips make for such a lovely bouquet. Thank you so much for hosting the link up Karen. I like that it's just three months, and I've enjoyed visiting some new-to-me blogs this time around.
    Happy Easter to you.

  3. Lovely Tulips . Thanks for hosting Sunlit Sundays it was fun . Have a good weekend and a Happy Easter .

  4. Lovely yellow and purple tulips,Karen.
    Your tulips always brighten up your blog friends joining Sun lit Sunday.
    Thank you for hosting. I hope you have a good new week.

  5. Hope you have a great Easter, love the Tulips.

  6. Beautiful tulips, Karen! Wishing you a happy and sunny Easter!
    It has been lovely to participate in Sunlit Sunday and to visit other blogs. Thank you for hosting. See you soon again!
    Blessings! xx

  7. Happy Easter Karen.

    What a beautiful bouquet of tulips - perfect for this special time.
    I'm sure the sweet rabbit and mouse will behave themselves!

    Thank you for hosting your party Karen, I have enjoyed participating over the past weeks.
    I will pop in again soon to see how the beautiful Mya is progressing!

  8. Happy Easter Karen!!! I hope that it brings you many sunlit moments to hold the whole year through! Thank you for hosting over the last three months and bringing sunshine to our lives. Happy Easter, Happy Spring and best wishes all round! xx

  9. Tulips are so beautiful and your shots of them are great. Thanks so much for hosting this meme. I enjoy it so much. Helps make it through the winter.

  10. joyeuses Pâques
    les tulipes sont superbes
    pétillantes de couleurs

  11. Thanks for hosting Karen. I enjoyed participating...

  12. What a pretty bouquet - just perfect for spring. Love the bunny and the mouse.

  13. I missed linking up this year, but I enjoyed them very much. Thank you for hosting. Happy Spring!


  14. Thanks for hosting! I wasn't able to submit anything this time but I so enjoyed viewing all of the posts. Wishing you a blessed Easter and springtime!

  15. Thank you for hosting this link over the winter months, Karen. It's been a lovely, sunny spot to visit!

  16. What a beautiful post/idea! Have a bright sunny week :) and happy Easter. Xx

  17. Your tulips are gorgeous Karen! Love that shade of purple. I was wondering about how my poor spring flowers were going to survive as well. They were all up a few inches before the ice storm! I can see my bleeding hearts are still coming along, so hopefully the tulips and iris will not suffer either. I didn't realize your Sunlit Sunday was only through the winter. I hope you have it again next winter and I'll try to come round to participate fully. This winter I was not totally together with the blog posts. Have a great week ... beautiful day today, and I have the window open now!

  18. I love the colours of your tulips Karen. And the collage is beautiful! Hope you had a lovely Easter.



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