Saturday, March 22, 2014

☀Sunlit Sunday: The Second-to-Last Week

Welcome to the second-to-last week of Sunlit Sunday for 2014. 

I'd be thrilled to tell you that these are my daffodils next to the rushing spring stream.

It would also be fun to say that my stone table with its meandering rivulet (similar to yours, I'm sure), was set and ready for you to join me, but I can't. Judith from Lavender Cottage and Linda from The Crafty Gardener would be able to call me on these fibs; I know that, like me, they recently visited Canada Blooms in Toronto.

All of the "sunny" photos I'm sharing today were shot indoors. My own garden, by the way, received a light dusting of springtime snow overnight. Doesn't Mother Nature have a sense of humour! Maybe I will knit those socks after all . . .

When the weather does warm up, you'll find me sporting one of these outfits when I pop out to the local grocery or hardware store. Perhaps the dress in the upper left corner? It'll be a change of pace from blue jeans and a shirt, don't you think?

It's your turn.


  1. Did the show get your creative juices flowing Karen? I think everyone loves the floral ladies, they are spectacular designs.

  2. I loved the stone table with the water trickling through it. There was also a table all set and the place setting had plants growing in them. The daffodils and tulips were a sight for eyes that are only seeing white. I came away with lots of ideas ... succulent boxes, bug houses, fencing ideas with large bits of lumber and more. Now we just have to get the weather to co-operate so we can get out there and do some of these things. The floral ladies were amazing as were the flower cakes, flower hats and everything else. I'll have to get my post about the day ready over the weekend.

  3. Oh wow! A former blogger shared a lot of photos of the show on Facebook this evening. Amazing! I love that stone table. And I think I'll join you at the grocery store with the pink dress. What do you think? LOL I hope to join the party soon. Have a wonderful Sunday.

  4. Oh what fun that would be Karen to be outrageous just once in our life!!!
    That dress would turn heads for sure especially if you could take the tulips along with you too!!!
    These floral exhibitions are amazing and give floral and landscape designers the opportunity to "go to town" on their creative ideas.

    Thank you for hosting... just one more Sunlit Sunday left.
    You created a lovely environment Karen, this was perfect for me as I'm not one to join those large blog parties.
    It's been a joy to visit all the friendly people who take part each week.

  5. How about the green one. I think you will look fab in it. I am so sad Sunlit Sunday will soon be over. Would you think of another theme for us, please Karen?

  6. What a fun post, that really put a smile on my face. My post will post tomorrow. Thank you so much for hosting this blog posting.


  7. Not sure I could even get out the door without laughing at myself in one of those outfits. I think I need to stick with my jeans. Enjoyed your fun pictures and have really enjoyed Sunlit Sunday. I will miss it!

  8. How lovely, I missed the show this year.

  9. This is a great stone table and: yes, I would wear the red-green dress on the top right or that with blue flowers - it's made ​​for me ;-)
    Nice photos, I have enjoyed on Sunday morning (where is the cat?).
    Blessings for a new week

    By the way, I also have yellow plates

  10. I for one am going to be sad to see Sunlit Sunday done... Love your pictures for this week... So fun and full of colour.

  11. Oh Karen, ideas ideas ideas, wishing I had of been at that show in Toronto. I'm looking for ladies in my garden this coming season, wow. Yup, I'm like you wish that was my table also.

    I can't imagine things coming to a close when I also got a dusting of snow last night, then this Wednesday we are expected a rather large storm.

    So you think you might throw off the blue jeans for this dress, you would turn heads for sure. Do we/are we doing anything special for next week? Let me know,

  12. Oh, I love the purple! I can see that my wardrobe definitely needs an update. :-)

  13. I'm in love with those moss place mats! I think you'd make quite the splash at the grocery store in those dresses...hard to garden in though;)

  14. Happy Sunday Karen! Now I must say that I have taken great pleasure from those garden inspired dresses. I am quite fascinated by the personification of gardens and flowers, in particular costume and attire. If you click on the following link you will see pictures of an amazing exhibition which took place in the Musée du Costume in France a few years ago.


    1. Sorry, Karen, the complete link below is the right one, obvously!

  15. -giggles- Great post!

    and I was thinking... Sun Lit Sundays... It's really for winter, isn't it? Because it won;t be long before we are complaining about tooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhh sun and too much heat. -grin- It won't, will it? -chuckle-

  16. Lovely post.....and daffodils are such wonderful harbingers of spring.

    Happy Sunday!

  17. Gorgeous photos.

    What a fun idea for a table.

  18. Wow, it's amazing how creative some people are. Such talent!

  19. The garden show in your area is really a feast for the eyes and the imagination. Such creativity and inspiration. Hopefully, it won't be long now before you can get out into your own garden. Thanks again for hosting this linky, Karen. Have a wonderful week.

  20. What a wonder ful table - I have never seen something like this!


  21. That might not be your table, but it is pretty unusual isn't it!! Anyway, keeping those moss table mats looking good all year round would be a lot of work! Lovely to see the displays. xx

  22. I didn't have a Sunlit post this week ( I don't think I had any sunshine, lol ) but came over to visit...and yes I have a stone table and rushing stream just like yours ! :)

  23. Karen... What a lovely table and pretty daffodils! I think you would be a marvelous wood nymph or fairy in your pretty woodland dress! Perhaps the perfect ensemble for a mid-summer night? Definitely a head-turner for grocery shopping! See you Sunday for our sunlit finale. This has been lots of fun. Smiles...Susan

  24. Beautiful photos, Karen! The stone table is quite amazing, as are the garments! Works of art!

  25. Lovely pictures, I enjoyed seeing the amazing table and the flowery garments! It is always nice to see imaginative creations like these :)
    Wishing you a sunny weekend, hope the weather warms up!
    Helen xox



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