Saturday, March 15, 2014

☀Sunlit Sunday: Season 3, Week 11

Welcome to ☀Sunlit Sunday.

This week has had sunshine, cloud cover, temperatures well above freezing that warranted a spring coat one day, and a snowstorm the next that had me back in a warm parka, wielding a shovel.

For those who follow along regularly, look what I found in my backyard on the very warm day, before the big dump of snow. You remember the story.

Indoors, the Christmas cactus has a few blossoms and a bouquet of tulips has been adding some soft colour for just over a week.

Claire decided they were worth closer inspection.

My foster puss has been here for just over a month.

Please cross your fingers that a good home is soon found for her,

one that can provide tummy rubs on demand.

Your turn!


  1. Karen - it really has been crazy weather this week hasn't it?? I wish that Claire gets her forever home really soon...she's a gem!!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  2. Well hooray on finding your keys and key fob! The tulips are so pretty- love the two tone pink!
    Claire is a keeper- so sweet!
    Thank you for hosting again :-)

  3. Aha! The missing keys intact. Do I ever like the colour of the tulips, soft and delicate looking and Claire appreciates them too! Beautiful pink flower on the Christmas cactus Karen, one plant I cannot get to flower successfully.

  4. Your photos are beautiful especially the one with Claire and the pretty tulip. Deb

  5. I really love the tulips and Claire looks so comfortable and happy.

  6. Karen! I'm thrilled that you found your keys. Love the tulips. They look to be the same colour I had a week ago or so. Such a pretty pale tint. Claire is a beautiful cat and it looks like you are enjoying her company.

    Thanks again for hosting.

  7. The bunch of keys safe and sound waiting for the snow to melt and you to reclaim them!!
    The weather is crazy here too - we have just had the tail end of Cyclone Lusi pass through. My garden is a mess and there is lots of debris everywhere but no major mishaps that I know of!

    Thank you Karen for hosting another Sunlit Sunday!

  8. Hi Karen, so happy that you found your missing keys. Sweet sunlit photos of your tulips and Claire. Happy Sunday to you. Thank you for hosting. Hugs, Pam

  9. How nice to find the keys - if they still work. Love the sunshine - but we've not seen sunshine for so long I fear I've forgotten what it looks like in person.

  10. Don't you just love how cats seeks out the sunshine and bask in it so contentedly. Claire is a beautiful cat. I hope you find her a good home. She has such lovely green eyes. Happy you found the keys.

  11. I must have missed the story but I can see you found something very important!

    Love the tulips!! And Claire!


  12. Beautiful pictures enjoyed me in the morning... and the lovely cat, ohhhhhhhhhh -
    It's always a big monment to find something again.
    Have a nice sunday and thanks for hosting

  13. Love the tulips Karen. Your pictures look so cozy :)

  14. Well my thoughts on the matter of Claire is that a good home HAS been found, lol...I think she's adopted you so you'd better just count on her sticking around :)

    Lovely pics and yes March has been very changeable...lion one day, lamb the next, back to lion etc.! :)

  15. Wonderful, glad you found your keys, but if it is electronic I'm thinking it might not work. I wondered about your keys when we got rain a few days ago, ha ha ha, just made me think of them. Look your cactus is going to be here for St.Patrick's Day after all. Nothing like a good tummy rub.
    Have a great week

  16. What pretty flowers! Love the soft colors.

  17. Claire is too cute!!! I love the photos you took of her, especially the one behind the lace curtain. She looks totally at home at your house.

  18. Awe wonderful photos ! The sun has been shining every day here and I am loving it ! Thanks for hosting . and sharing ! Have a good day !

  19. Great news that you found your keys. There is still hope for me for a missing suet feeder :)
    My Christmas cactus is just budding. Love those tulips and Claire looks very content just where she is :)

  20. Hooray, you found your keys, when the snow melted!!!! I'm very glad to have them safely back in your hands. Wouldn't want your keys to be lying around, outside.

    I doubt husband will find the glass lens which fell out of his old glasses, when/if our snow everrrrrrrrr all goes away. -chuckle- Except for the sound of a crunch, under foot.

    Oh sweet Claire... I know, she will get a well vetted home. But I willlll missssssss her! :-)

  21. Claire is such a beauty. If I was in Canada, I'd take her. I love to give tummy rubs! Love the tulips and the car keys! Have a lovely week.

  22. It's been a crazy winter, that's for sure. Your tulips are beautiful. Spring can't be too far off with those lovely things around. Thanks for hosting again and happy Sunday.

  23. Your photo of those gorgeous tulips in the vase has such a peaceful and serene feel to it!

  24. Lovely sunlit photos.

    How can you think about letting that little sweetie leave your house?

    We are going to take Lulu for a walk on a different beach today so maybe I will get some photos to share on Sunlit Sunday.

  25. I'm guessing you found lost keys! Hooray! I love tulips in a vase. So beautiful.

  26. Karen...just knew those keys would turn up! The flowers are lovely. Hope to participate in your next Sunlit Sunday. Smiles...Susan

  27. So glad you found the lost keys! Your flower pictures are very colourful and beautiful. Claire seems so happy with you, Karen, and you seem to know just what she likes :)
    Wishing you a very happy and sunny weekend.
    Helen xox



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