Friday, March 7, 2014

More from the AGO

"By Ward Market", Ottawa by Franklin Brownell (c. 1915)
The temperature rose to 1 °C today, much warmer than it has been and much less like the day depicted in the painting shown above. While at the AGO last week, I discovered this work. The By Ward (generally known today as ByWard) Market still exists in Ottawa (my home town) and is a popular spot for locals and tourists.

"Drawing Lots" by George Agnew Reid (c. 1888-1902)

I've been doing my best to relish each day, but the call of sunny, coatless ones is growing increasingly appealing.

"Gossip" by George A. Reid (c. 1888)

While I wait for the days when gardening calls, I've set myself goals to get a couple of knitting projects completed and one started. This was the winter I was going to learn how to make socks and here it is with winter down to its final weeks. That being said, I didn't pick up the needles today, but spent a few hours with a friend, chatting and enjoying her company. Perhaps a little knitting will occur this evening, both for me and the young woman seated above.

Note: All of the Canadian paintings shown in this post and my previous one may be found in the Georgia Ridley Salon of the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO). Photography was permitted.

I'll be back Saturday evening to welcome the early birds for ☀Sunlit Sunday. There are just four more opportunities to participate before the meme winds up for another season at the end of March. Newcomers are always welcome; the guidelines may be found here.


  1. I enjoyed the art very much! Glad you had an enjoyable day and I hope the weekend will be nice. I look forward to Sunlit Sunday!

  2. The paintings are very interesting to see, thank you for sharing them. I hope that you manage to get some knitting done! xx

  3. Thanks for sharing more beautiful works of Canadian art. I love the one titled "Gossip". See you for Sunlit Sunday. ;)

  4. They are lovely ! It was a fantastic day out today here not a cloud in the sky blue sky's and sunshine ,the temps here reached 5°C here I have been outside most of the day enjoying it with my Miggs. The entire week was sun filled here to I am loving it , snow is melting birds are coming back and singing their little hearts out , critters are frisky all is good lol ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  5. I like the two women taking a break and standing there chatting. Today was nice with the bright sunshine, are going to Canada Blooms?

  6. Thank you for sharing these beautiful paintings. And I'm sure you know, you will always find the time for the things you love.


  7. What a gorgeous post! Especially love that one of the ByWard Market.

  8. les peintures sont magnifiques
    le soleil est là , nous allons nous occuper du jardin
    edith (iris) France

  9. -happy sigh- What beautiful, beautiful paintings!

    I love the softness effect! There must be a formal word, to describe what I call the impression of softness. But I don't know it.

    I do know that these paintings, especially the "Gossip" one, charm me....

    Gentle hugs,

  10. Thanks for sharing the paintings. I love the "Gossip".. Glad you had a nice day visiting with a friend.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  11. I love those paintings! Being a spinner, I'm especially fond of the Gossip picture!

  12. Hi Karen,

    Just look at that beautiful mantel, the large French windows and the warmly stained wood floor where the ladies of the manor are 'catching up', while they take a break from spinning, letting the sun sit in on their chat. What ambiance!

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful paintings by talented Canadian artists and letting us know where we can study them in person, which I intend to do very soon!

    Isn't chatting and chuckling with a friend one of the sweetest things in life? Glad you had a lovely time with yours.

    See you at Sunlit Sunday!


  13. I love these Canadian paintings. Allowing photography exposes the rest of us to the delights of Ontario's museum. Thanks for sharing.

  14. When we had our road trip for skiing, I took along some knitting and began a baby blanket. I don't seem to knit much unless we are driving.

    The paintings you showed are beautiful.



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