Friday, October 25, 2013

Reflecting . . .

Instead of a neighbourhood walk, I took a quick drive to a local trail and strolled around the area. Aside from one man with a very serious looking camera and another zipping along in bike-racing gear, the place was devoid of people.

Full of life,

just not much of the human variety.

Walking provides a good opportunity to mull over ideas,

 to appreciate what life has to offer,

and to consider how I want to spend some of my time.

I've been thinking about doing some volunteer work and have planted a few seeds.

  I'm waiting to see which of them, if any, take root.

Maybe it's because this is the autumn of the year, and the autumn of my life, that I'm feeling prompted to do things now instead of "one day".

The reflections in this stream are ephermeral, changing with the weather.

Apparently, I'm engaging in a few reflections of my own.

Thank you for your visits and your thoughts.


  1. Loved this! I find I enjoy quiet reflections at this time of my life as well. Thank you for sharing <3 Nancy @My Small Garden Paradise

  2. Wonderful photos ! I love it when it is just me with camera and nature .. oh and my Miggs with me to ! Thanks for sharing ! Have a good weekend !

  3. Lovely photos to reflect on what you want to do Karen. There are many volunteer opportunities in a community. I've just agreed to sit on a committee to start a community garden here; complete one obligation, start another.

  4. aller vers un futur
    réflèchir à notre devenir
    pour la disparition brutale de ma belle- soeur , j'ai décidé de planter un rosier
    pour me souvenir , peu importe le nom des roses , mais je l'appellerai Ginette
    de le voir fleurir me fera du bien , elle qui aimait tellement son jardin et ses fleurs
    edith (iris)

  5. Miss Karen your header is so pretty .. As are all of your pictures but, that last one of the pond is my favorite..
    Reflections of all kinds are good. Moving forward, celebrating our past or just enjoy this moment.. hugs, Cherry
    P.S. I always checkout others with the big serious cameras with

  6. Karen,

    There is so much clarity in your thoughtful reflection, as well as in your beautiful photography. I cannot take my eyes off the first and last photos; truly spectacular! Like you, I depend on nature's face and voice for guidance and the Cretan mountains and the Aegean Sea provide me with great inspiration for clear, introspective observation.

    Hope you have a peaceful weekend!


  7. Lovely photos and I really like your seasonal header. Walking peacefully is a good time for reflecting on things. I hope your volunteer opportunities work out for you. I've done lots of volunteering in the past but have not been doing any lately.

  8. Wonderful shots Karen. I love them all! There's nothing better than a walk with nature to clear the mind. I agree that now, no matter what our age, is the time to do what we love and want to do. Hoping your volunteering is very rewarding for you.
    Have a great day and week!

  9. I love, LOVE the last's beautiful...go and get it printed out, and framed...Autumn will be gone soon, then you will have great memories.


  10. A beautiful post Karen, and how beautiful are your photos ! The last photo is a real beauty, it looks like a painting, so very beautiful !

  11. Keep us posted about your new adventures.
    It will be so rewarding to volunteer :)

    Beautiful pictures! I love each one of them.

    Have a wonderful day, my friend.

  12. Lovely words accompanied by beautiful photos.

    Each morning as we walk along the beach, despite tossing the ball for Lulu, I take time to think, marvel, plan and appreciate my life.

    I hope your seeds take root and you find the best way for you to spend the autumn of your life.

  13. Beautiful pictures. That last one looks like an oil painting! When you said "the autumn of my life" it made me feel a little melancholy, though, for some reason.

  14. Hi, Karen
    Many beautiful captures! It's a great time of the year to be outdoors! I hope that cute squirrel is ready to hibernate with lots of foods.
    I remember I told you that I like to see single train line as it can be seen in my area. Finally I took photos of single line during our trip the other day.Thank you, Karen.
    Have a good day! Tomoko



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