Saturday, October 12, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

It seems appropriate that Thanksgiving coincides with the bountiful harvest time. Farmers' markets remain open and local apple orchards are inviting people to come and pick their own fruit on these beautiful, blue-skied, autumn days.

I was one of those picking apples this weekend and now need a plan for how to use a half bushel bag of them; the signs in the collage show only some of the varieties grown at this particular orchard. 

Apple sauce, apples roasted with root vegetables, apple slices for the freezer . . .
If you have a suggestion, please share.


Happy Thanksgiving to you, whether or not it is being celebrated in your country.

Thank you for your visits, comments, "follows", and "likes" on Facebook.
I appreciate them.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Karen! Love all those different colored pumpkins at the Farmers Market. Pretty mums in the wheelborrow too!
    Have a wonderful Sunday

  2. Happy thanksgiving to you too! Your pumpkin pictures are great. I suggest Apple crumble for your apples, always a winner.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Karen! Those farmers markets look amazing. Not something we really have in Ireland. I believe there are some fruit farms where you can pick berries in summer. Thankfully I have my father-in-law's garden for all the apples I can pick, just the one variety but I'm not complaining! How about some chutney or some apple jelly??

  4. un automne riche en couleurs et en fruits
    un mois d'abondances
    je suis de Normandie en France , la région des pommes , du cidre et du calvados ( alcool )
    des tartes , des grumbles , des clafoutis
    un billet plein de tentations:::::
    edith (iris) France

  5. Wish you Happy Thanksgiving! Delicious apple varieties on your farmer's market and your wheelbarrow full of gorgeous Chrysanthemums looks so sunny.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving! Send some of those apples my way! ;)

  7. Happy Thanksgiving , Karen! The Japanese do not celebrate though I am always impressed to see various pumpkins are ready for the celebration in your country! Your new header is lovely!
    Enjoy your beautiful autumn!

  8. Oh I have lots of apple recipes . Apple butter is nice and it can be stored in jars that may help use up some . Oh lots of varieties in that orchard . Thanks for sharing Happy Thanksgiving to you and family !

  9. Hi Karen,

    Such an autumnal array of an apple harvest, pretty colours, many varieties and all fresh and crisp! I dream of baking apple cinnamon infused treats in a little farmhouse, surrounded by rolling hills and flowering fields, and taking afternoon tea in the garden with beloved family and friends. Ah....yes, a charmed life!

    Happy Thanksgiving, once again!

    PS: Thanks for your lovely comments over at Savvy Southern Style!

  10. I think that Poppy said everything before me! It's really a delightful post which brings us so many fragrances and flavors...
    Wish you a wonderful new week,

  11. Ohhh apple butter - apple butter. I peel and quarter the apples, fill the crockpot to the top, add 1 small can of frozen apple juice (3 cups of apple cider will work too) and put it on low to cook for about 8 hours - stirring and smashing the apples from time to time. Then I add sugar to taste (depends on the apples I use) 4 T of cinnamon and 2 T of ground cloves - let it cook until it is the right consistency - this sometimes takes 2 days to complete, but the apple butter just sits in the crockpot, turned off and is fine. Sometimes I add more cinnamon or ground cloves - depending on the taste I want. Turn crock pot onto high until the apple butter bubbles and boils, spoon into jars and seal. Fabulous on toast in the winter. Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. Happy Thanksgiving! Love the apple pictures. You can juice them with celery. It makes a tasty juice and this is a good combo health-wise. Although, I cant remember exactly what it is specifically that makes this combo special. I just remember my mom always giving us this juice. Have a happy day and week ahead :)

  13. Happy Thanksgiving Karen - we used to go apple picking every year when the kids were smaller and then we'd make oodles of pies with crumb topping and freeze them to enjoy throughout the winter...

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  14. Wonderful Fall photos, Karen. I haven't been apple or pumpkin picking this year! I'd better get moving. I use to take the kids every year, but now they're in college :)
    Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your weekend!

  15. Happy Thanksgiving from the States. Love the pumpkins and the apples and the mums! All of the colors are so pretty. I am your newest follower!

  16. Happy Thanksgiving Karen and I see beautiful pumpkins and apples photos.
    Greetings, RW & SK

  17. Happy Thanksgiving, Karen! The pumpkins, apples and the mums all look wonderful. I love baked apples! Have a happy week ahead!

  18. Happy Thanksgiving!! Love the pumpkins and gourds. Stopping by from Mosaic Monday and wishing you the best week end!

  19. It makes much more sense to have it celebrated now than when we do it in the States at the end of November. And as far as retail goes ? It is a forgotten holiday. It is Halloween, then Christmas, and Thanksgiving is just a day on the calender anymore :(

  20. Happy Thanksgiving, Karen. I like to freeze a couple of mostly baked apple crisps. They are easy to thaw and reheat and taste delicious!

  21. Happy Thanksgiving, says I, full to the brim with turkey and pumpkin pie. :))

  22. Happy Thanksgiving my friend! You are surrounded by beauty! (I think your link is wrong on Mosaic Monday tonight. It's giving me the link for last week.) Sweet hugs, Diane

  23. Beautiful photos and mosaics Karen. I really like the apple orchard pictures. I hope you're enjoying the holiday weekend.

  24. Karen,
    I just found you and I am so happy that I have! Happy Thanksgiving to you! Your photos are gorgeous and I love your photos of mums, pumpkins and apples! Delightful!
    A very happy new follower:)

  25. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, from Mo'a in the US. Your photos are wonderful and reminds one how much there is to love about Autumn and this day of thanks.

  26. Happy Thanksgiving! The apples are amazing this year no matter which part of the world you are living in. I have been making a Somerset Apple Cake with mine and will try and get the recipe on my blog this weekend. It uses up a few and produces such a lovely moist cake (great with cream!!). xx

  27. Happy Thanksgiving! Those apples look good - sorry I am of no help on new ways to cook them.
    Thanks for stopping by and nice comment.

  28. Your mosaics are such a celebration of fall. There's a blog that I read all the time and the last post was all about apples and different uses. It's Homespun Living and I think you could try

  29. Happy Thanksgiving! I love your bright autumn mosaics!

  30. Hope you had a great long weekend.

    When my kids where little I use to make my own applesauce. Would have jars and jars of them....kinda like The Baby Boom movie! ha Will have to take it up again, find the old recipe. Hugs, Diane

  31. Happy Thanksgiving, Karen! I love all your beautiful autumn pictures, especially the gorgeous apples against the blue sky. Wishing you a happy fall week, and hope you find lots of delicious harvest recipes!
    Helen x

  32. You've received some great comments, and wonderful ideas here!
    This is such a great time of year!!

    When we go to a 'pick your own' orchard, and end up with a variety of apples, I make crock-pot apple butter. The combination of apples makes a super delicious combination, and stellar apple butter.

    Enjoy this day :)


  33. There is nothing like fresh fruit straight off the tree. How about "Apple Crumble" or "Apple muffins"
    Happy thanksgiving - and thank you for stopping by my blog this week.



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