Thursday, August 22, 2013

Odds and Sods

This is one of those "odds and sods" sorts of posts. 

Do you remember the dark-stained, battered French door I wanted to spruce up a bit?

It did get done, but I didn't share it here. I've been telling myself that it needs somethings other than that small spray of lavender on it.

Another project, still on the go, is clearing out and fixing up the scary basement. This is one small corner of it.

Back on the main floor, there was the task of assembling a desk. There is something satisfying about accomplishing this kind of job; one would think I'd grown the pine tree and designed the desk myself, given the delight I take in having it.

Command Central. 

Just the place for blog posts to fly from my fingertips.
Well, perhaps a good breeze from the window will assist in getting some airborne; any ideas have been languishing in the hangar.

What else?

There has been a bit of baking for one potluck

and reincarnated leftovers from another one.

 Toss in a country drive every now and again,

perhaps a stop in an old mill, and that has been the last couple of weeks.

My gardening has been neglected and it looks a rather bedraggled outside. I sometimes wonder what routines people have to keep on top of things. Do feel free to share your strategies. 

Thank you for stopping by today.
I appreciate the comments you leave here.


  1. I know what you mean about schedules. It seems there's not enough time in the day. I love your desk! No wonder you have such wonderful blog posts!

  2. I'd say you've been busy of late, Karen. I love the desk. What are your plans for the scary basement? Gardens always look bedraggled this time of year. Some things are doing great and others are pretty sad looking. I hope you keep enjoying those country drives while you can. Soon the fall foliage will be posing for pictures. :) Pamela

  3. Gee Karen, every time you talk about your basement, I get a guilty twinge because I still haven't gone down to tackle mine yet. You know what? There's plenty of time for that when the weather isn't as nice and we''ll be happy to work inside.
    As for planning daily structure, not happening here either.
    When you showed all the screws and stuff that came with the desk, I thought what a big chore the assembly must have been. It would have been gratifying to sit down at the finished product for sure.
    A drive in the country is relaxing; I have my favourite farms where I like to watch the animals around here.

  4. Hi Karen! Nice to see you here today. Please don't ask me what routines I have to keep on top of things. The only routine I've had this summer is my water aerobics every morning but that is ending tomorrow when the pool closes. I haven't gotten much of any of the things done that I planned to while on Blog break. I have been pretty much playing. Went on vacation and have been reading a lot. I guess I was pretty much worn out and in need of relaxing.
    You have been busy though. I love your desk. What are you going to do with the basement when you get it cleaned up?
    Have a great weekend.

  5. Now that I am officially retired - school started on Tuesday and I'm not there - I find that there is very little routine. That is exacerbated by a 9 week old puppy who is yet to be on a sleeping schedule. So, I water when I can, and garden when I can, and do laundry constantly. And, I keep lots of craft projects in a basket to grab when Little Lulu wants to play in the garden.

    Your door is wonderful as are all of your photos.

  6. You have been busy these days! Everything looks great. And, a country drive is always a nice way to spend the day.

  7. What a busy bee you've been. Schedules - hardly in the summer. I'm afraid I've been living by the tyranny of the urgent - when the beans produce, I freeze beans. Today I made salsa because I had a huge bunch of tomatoes come ripe. Also peach jam because they are perfectly ripe.
    In between I've been freshening up the guest room and re doing some dining room chairs. Hopefully these projects will be completed soon, since school starts on the Tuesday after Labor Day.

  8. hello
    des journées bien remplies , des activités de rangement , de la cuisine
    je suis également dans les peintures extérieures
    tout sera terminé pour l'automne
    je vous souhaite une bonne fin de semaine
    edith(iris) France
    ps: la porte est très belle

  9. What a great work you have done Karen! Don't talk about routine, that is killing me! Your garden still looks great, here there are no flowers anymore because of the high temperatures.
    Enjoy the last summer lazy days!

  10. Hi Karen, I just found your blog via your comment on Mennonite Girls Can Cook. Lovely photos! I love the "new" door and the desk looks great too. Keep up the good work. Where in Canada are you located?

  11. Karen - I think this part of the summer, routines get lost somewhere...I know I always feel a little restless knowing that the end of summer is near and try to get everything done that I was supposed to do. September always seems to signal the return of routine, especially since the kids were small..but now my kids are grown, the youngest about to start his last year of college..the oldest still struggling to find a full-time job in this economy...and me, ready to find a new adventure!!!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  12. I love love love the door - I like it plain, with nothing on it. What an accomplishment to finish the desk - the food sounds wonderful - oh it is all wonderful. Lovely blog post.

  13. Hi Karen,

    Your door looks very pretty, just the way it is, with a quiet touch of lavender. I absolutely LOVE the white desk; gotta be Ikea's 'countryish' line, right? If taking lovely drives around the Canadian countryside, visiting old-fashioned workshops and baking up delicious delights is your routine, I'll take it ANY DAY!!


  14. Gorgeous pics of your busy week and your door looks so your flower pics and the one of the old mill and your desk is fab...If it is IKEA I have some of the same range too and just keep adding to it...I love it!
    Susan x



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