Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Little of This, a Little of That

Sitting down to write the occasional blog post seems to require more self discipline than I've had of late. I've been puttering around, mentally writing a "To Do" list that needs to be transferred to paper, something tangible, looking at me with an expectant air.

Yesterday, I had plans. A drive in the country should have resulted in a bit of blueberry picking. I didn't note, before leaving home, that the concession road dipped south before heading east again. There will be no Mason jars of fresh jam in this post. Not that I've ever made jam, but I'm willing to give it a whirl. No jam (yet), but the countryside was beautiful.

While wondering what I would write about today, I found myself thinking about the "Sunlit Sunday" meme I run in the wintertime. My mind wanders there when I see scenes like these; I never tire of the dancing light, the crisp shadows, and the patterns created by the interplay of the two. If a lace curtain happens to catch a summer breeze and billows out like a delicate gown, so much the better. A little bit of fancy is good for the soul.

Blog posts have been infrequent, but some photos I've shared on the My Little Home and Garden Facebook page, here.

A bit of baking,

a bouquet or two,

now and again, a question.

Also, of late, I have spent some time attempting to deal with this yarn. One hank, 800 metres of lace weight alpaca. It looks innocent enough, but I've never (in my limited knitting experience) used such fine yarn before.

It had an identification number which I looked it up and found that the colour name was, appropriately, "Lavender". I'll not confess how many times I've attempted to start a project with it. The Ravelry site has plenty of ideas for "easy" patterns. It's a humbling experience, people!

Time for a cup of tea. 

Tomorrow, it will be camomile and plenty of it. Here's why:

This, my friends, is a desk. 
It's bound to go together easily, right?
After all, it doesn't involve skinny knitting needles and lace weight yarn!

Thank you for visiting.


  1. Cute post. I have made jam but never knitted. My favorite thing in the world, almost, is a breeze blowing sheer curtains. I have never photographed it, I love your photo.

  2. Your photo of the curtain blowing in the wind is lovely. I look forward to the Sunlit Sundays again too.
    I could have written some of this post. This evening I started a cross stitch pattern that I've had for two years. I've set up my magnifying light and set out the colours. While I'm anxious to work the pattern, the linen is 32 count and my eyes may not be up to it.
    Facebook Page - I am still not on Facebook and sometimes think I'm missing something - but that will have to be a project for another day.
    I encourage you to get the needles out and just start!

  3. That teacup is so pretty. I sometimes wonder what to write on my blog too and than something comes to mind that I had not thought of. I have never heard of banana biscuits before, but they look yummy.

  4. I loved reading a little of this and a little of that.

    As to the knitting with fine yarn - go for it. Fine yarn feels so wonderful and the shades are prettier. I am sure if you run into a problem, you can find a shop with an expert to get you back on the right track. When I was beginning, I had a few friends to run to - long before the internet.

    Have a lovely week.

  5. hello
    ombre et lumière , tout un monde
    j'aime énormément la lecture
    j'ai un autre blog qui parle de certains auteurs que j'aime
    je tricote , mais je n'ai jamais fait de confiture
    bonne journée
    je vous indique l'adresse de mon autre blog
    edith (iris)

  6. It's a little of this and a little of that that make life so exciting! A pretty bouquet, an alluring sky, a cozy retreat and a delectable sweet! Variety is the spice of life! A lot to savour here today!


  7. I think we're in the same mode Karen, maybe because summer is winding down?
    Lots of things on my "to do" list and I'm not even trying to accomplish anything. We're off to pick blueberries tomorrow morning but I just freeze mine for baking and topping oatmeal in the winter.

  8. Did you get your desk put together? Don't you just love furniture-in-a-box? LOL

    Gorgeous photos, they make me feel happy :)


  9. Such a beautiful post Karen! You live in an amazing place. The countryside is lovely! I hope the desk construction went well :))))))

  10. Bits and pieces are what life is made up of. Love this post of yours. I've made tons of jam, but never blueberry. Wonder why? Maybe it's time to remedy that. I do love blueberries.
    That yarn looks daunting, but then, I'm a very beginning knitter. I hope the desk is all put together and you've enjoyed your calming cup of camomile.

  11. A lovely blogpost to read for us, a bit of all kind of things. Delicious banana biscuits, beautiful bouquets, dreaming away in a traveling book, looking at a curtain blowing in the wind. Life can be so happy.

  12. Karen, I hear you and am with you on the spotty posting. I seem to be all at odds this summer. We always have rain and my garden is wrecked, I am trying to get my booths off to a start, CC is leaving and I feel out of sorts all around. I do not knit but it seems restful and that yarn is beautiful. Putting things together is never easy for me-if the instructions say it takes one hour it always takes me longer. But I hope your project goes swimmingly. xo, olive

  13. Loved this post...."bits of this and that" make the best posts...also it sounds a bit like my life right now so I can really identify! Banana biscuits look delicious!

  14. Good Afternoon Karen, I think we all get days like this, and if the weather is warm, there are so many things to enjoy outside.
    I love how you captured the breeze blowing through the curtain, it reminded me of living in Cyprus as a little girl. There was no such thing as air conditioning, my mother used to close the windows and shutters during the day to keep out the sun, but in the evening the shutters and windows were thrown open and the net curtains used to blow gently in the evening breeze. Although the curtain moving in the breeze did not really cool us down, if gave us the feeling that it made a difference.
    I hope you managed to put your desk together.... it is one job I hate doing, I have to force myself to read the instructions. I have been known to put something together without reading the instructions..... always a disaster.
    Best Wishes to you,

  15. Taking it easy and enjoying the countryside sounds perfect to me. My posts are nfrequent too- I have been busy lately and I can't devote too much time sitting at my computer. Love your sweet flowers! I don't know where I would go if I was able to travel- especially abroad, but England has always intrigued me so I might start there! At least I can speak the same language. I hope the desk went together well!

  16. A trip to the country is the cure for all ills...and a bonus you get great photos.


  17. I just saw you with Lindy on A Taste of Wintergreen and had to see your is beautiful!
    I will be tooling around looking at your posts.The Banana Biscuits sound WONDERFUL!

    My cooking and entertaining blog is in need of more, my FB is neglected, but I have family which seems to be in a perpetual state of 'Needs Wife/Mom/Grandma';(Guess who?)
    Nice to visit you!

  18. Hi Karen, I know that I should post on some sort of schedule, but I never manage to do so. There just are so many other things to call me away from the computer.
    If I could travel anywhere it would be to spend a month in each province. I don't think you ever experience a place by just passing through. I would like pick a town or city, rent a house and live in each place for a month. From that home base I would travel out to see the rest of the province.
    Good luck with the knitting and the desk. The scones look yummy!

  19. I adore the colours on the photo with flowers in the vase. Isn't summer just wonderful?!!!

  20. Beautiful pictures, I love being out in the countryside too. Those flowers are so beautiful......I hope your new desk went together easily.....putting together flat pack furniture is not something I am very good at!! Enjoy your week!
    Helen x



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