Friday, May 17, 2013

Victoria Day Weekend: Weed, Mulch, Sniff, Repeat

It's a fragrant time in my garden, with the lilacs in all their glory.

There has been a fair bit of garden tidying going on here over the past couple of days, with much left to do on this beautiful Victoria Day long weekend.

There may still be weeds to deal with, but there are also a few magnolia blooms left as that tree's leaves open.

A  bit of a dent has been made in the 3 cubic yards of sweet-smelling cedar mulch.

I'm going with the red-plastic-bucket-as-a-scoop technique for filling the wheelbarrow; not the traditional approach, but it seems to work for me!

Some tulips are finished, and some remain.

Back to the lilacs; they call to me.

My weekend? 

Weed, mulch, sniff, repeat. 

Do you have plans?


  1. Plans are to just work around the garden, relax around the garden, and enjoy the sights, sounds and smells around the garden.

  2. I have been working in my gardens all week...the weather has been glorious! Enjoy your mulching!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  3. Not sure yet what we'll do as it's going to be unseasonably cold here at 12 C. Brrrr. I nearly froze today on my walks and had to bundle up! We had 4 huge pine trees cut down today and all that mess is there - boughs and wood - so we need to tackle some of that if we can get son to help. I won't be doing much. OR We might just take off for the day and ignore the mess in the yard. Besides Hubby's allergies are awful right now. We'll see. Have fun weeding and mulching. Pam

  4. Still a bit chilly here but hoping that I can get out into the flower beds tomorrow... Need to get the leaves out.

  5. I have had a similar week and weekend. Trimming shrubs has done my back in. The lilacs are a delight. Too hot here for them.

  6. Garden work is on my list of things to do this weekend - mulching, weeding, planting the last of the veggies. Love the lilac photos - ours are mostly gone.

  7. Your garden is looking great! Love the lilacs and magnolia, Karen. I'll be gardening this wknd too - weeding, putting my garden art out, and planting a few seeds. I cut 3 bouquets of lilacs, one for me and the others for friends. I, too, love the fragrance.
    Blessings, Beth

  8. Yes, 'tis the weekend for gardening, isn't it? I planted the veggie garden and put some in containers today. Off to a garden club plant sale tomorrow to see what I might need to have. The rest of the time will be a bit of R & R before getting back to gardening on Monday.
    Have a nice long weekend.
    Gee, our lilacs are not quite blooming yet - love yours!

  9. Lovely photos - I do adore the leftovers of spring. This weekend we expect rain so my weekend is a joint effort - my husband is going to help me dig out my studio - which has been a depository for the last six months while I've recuperated from emergency back surgery - and it could you a big red bucket scoop - or a huge shovel. Happy holiday weekend to you - enjoy!

  10. tout pousse ,mais au ralenti
    il fait froid , et les fleurs ont beaucoup de retard
    le lilas est splendide
    et ramène une bonne odeur
    bon courage pour le jardinage
    à bientôt
    edith (iris) France

  11. Garden work for me too dear Karen! I'm upstanding my roof garden precisely. Your garden looks absolutely wonderful !
    Sending you big hugs and a kiss !

  12. Have been busy in the garden. This morning had a phone call from my daughter asking for help in her garden. Still got mine to do! Well that's for tomorrow.
    I love lilacs -we lost 4 in one storm years ago.

  13. It's been beautiful weather here and we're enjoying a weekend at home. I love your flowers...the lilacs are gorgeous! Enjoy your weekend!

  14. Hi Karen, I'd love to join you on the 'sniff' part of your weekend :) Your lilacs look like heaven. Enjoy them as they are so gorgeous! xo

  15. It makes me happy just to see someone's beautiful gardens. Can't wait until our lilacs are blooming. Lovely!



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