Sunday, May 26, 2013

Lilacs, Water, and Technology

It's been a day. 

Not earth shattering, not tragic, just one for some household problems. A little seeping water in the bathroom, a wet pipe in the basement,  being "Connected" to the internet yet "No Internet Access", some sound and picture issues on the television. Bizarre.

Time to sniff some lilacs
and wonder how I managed to get reconnected to you (and for how long),
wait to see if reseting the digital box will cure the TV issue,
and, in a moment, look up the number of a plumber to call in the morning.

Everything will be figured out and dealt with soon. 

For this Sunday evening, I'll just sit and breathe in the soothing lilac scent.

If I take awhile to respond to comments, it will be because of another internet gremlin.

Have a wonderful week!

I'm linking with Mary for "Mosaic Monday". I hope you'll visit there.


  1. Hope you get all those little problems sorted out before they become big problems. The lilac images are lovely and I know the scent is wonderful and relaxing.

  2. Your lilacs are gorgeous. I love them, but can't grow them here and I miss them very much! Never knew how much I missed them until I started seeing the blogging posts about lilacs!

  3. I do love your lilacs, my baby bush has not put out many blooms. I do hope your internet problems are fixed as your plumbing problem. Wishing you a happy week ahead!

  4. I can just imagine the heavenly scent of your lilacs. They are all done here already - such a short season, but sweet. Your photos are just gorgeous.
    I hope all the little problems that can be so frustrating will soon be sorted out. Plumbing and internet are modern day necessities, although I'd sooner do without internet than plumbing.

  5. I love lilacs and they certainly would cheer up your frustrating day! Lilacs don't grow here and the crape myrtles that are the South's equivalent to lilacs don't have a heavenly scent so I am certainly enjoying yours!

  6. A pretty bouquet of lilacs Karen. I hope your problems get worked out.

  7. so sorry you're having problems Karen...hopefully they will all get settle with little out of pocket lilacs are just about finished - except for the dwarf bush - it's just starting to bloom...your's are lovely!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  8. Lilacs I am green with envy. I do love them so and I know they give you much happiness.
    Good Luck

  9. The lilacs are lovely and I can almost smell them. I hope you get all the issues resolved soon.

  10. Beautiful photos of your lilacs, Karen! I hope you get all your glitches worked out today. Having water leaks isn't fun. I hope the week goes well (better). Blessings, Pam

  11. Your lilac bouquet is so delightful Karen! Here, there aren't anymore. They were in bloom two months ago. Hope the problems have disappeared. I wish you a nice and easy week !
    Love Olympia

  12. Some days are like that - but the lilacs do help. I love the little pitcher and matches the lilacs. Great photos - hope all comes out well for you.

  13. ....but in the meantime you have lilacs! Thank you for sharing them with this spring-flower-deprived Floridian! (And I hope you get the gremlins...all of them...fixed soon!)

  14. Gorgeous lilacs. I hope your day gets better and your appliances get fixed. Some days are sent to test you. Valerie

  15. I can almost smell the Lilacs through my computer screen. They are simply gorgeous. Maybe you need to disconnect with us so you can fully connect with the earth around you undistracted? Behind every delay is a blessing. :-)

  16. Beautiful lilac flowers and your house must smell heavenly!

  17. Boy, sometimes that happens to us, one thing after another. You have handled it well, though. It's great that you took time to smell and enjoy the lilacs. They are just lovely. Hope the water problem is something simple.

  18. Good Evening Karen, Oh no, how annoying, everything going on the "blink" all at once. I do hope your plumbing problem has been sorted out, so that you can rest easy.
    The lilac you have placed in your vase look so lovely.
    I think I might have mentioned before that I love lilac, the perfume is beautiful. When George's father was with us, he planted a lilac bush which has grown huge. Each year it sends up shoots, which I dig out and plant into pots for the family. This year is the first year I have blooms on my lilac bush and I am so excited..... believe it or not the bush is only about 12 inches high, but it is smothered in buds.
    I am keeping my fingers crossed that your tv is alright and your internet.
    Best Wishes to you,

  19. Hi Karen,

    I can't stop staring at the close up images of your lovely, lush lilacs!! Wish I could take in their heady scent, which I miss! Was able to grow just one bouquet this spring, thankfully, it was just enough to take in their heavenly, sweet scent. I hope you get everything sorted out soon, but until then, keep the lilacs close by for soulful support!

    Following you now and hope you'll follow back.:)


  20. Beautiful Lilacs..Love the fragrance..Wish they lasted longer when cut..

  21. At least you had some gorgeous bouquets to look at ! They are wonderful and the vases are really beautiful, as well as your photos :)

  22. Hi,Karen
    You really surprised me with those gorgeous liacs. How lovely to see the second one.....especially.
    I hope you too have a happy week.

  23. Boy, do I hate internet gremlins, but I sure do love your lilacs. Talk about stunning!





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