Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A September Peek into the Back Garden

Yesterday, I took a peek in the back garden, just to check on a few things. 
Happily, the roses are getting a second wind.

I'm a bit surprised, given how dry it's been. At least, it had been, until the wee hours of this morning. That's when the heavens opened, the rain poured and the thunder roared; it's been raining most of the day. That's fine by me, but it's not an ideal day for the first day of school. 

excited children,
 indoor recesses, 
and hardworking teachers trying to make everyone, 
soggy or dry, 
feel welcome and engaged.

Let's head back to my peaceful garden, shall we?
For the first time, I planted some of these.

They're called "Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate". 
 No smooching will occur here; my back neighbour is married!

Time to move and get a few things done. I hope your day is going well.


  1. Your thinkig how the roses had the second wind.You were surprised you said but honey you answered your own thoughts. The heavens opened and there you had rain.

    Beautiful, beautiful roses. Thank you Lord is a praise on your page. The other plant is adorable. Love your sweet remark is really a chuckle.Kiss me over the Garden. Oh yes.


  2. The photos are beautiful and made me laugh with the name of your new plant. Thank you for sharing :)

  3. Lovely photos Karen.

    The name of your plant is fantastic!

    New school year here too
    lots of tears and sad faces
    and that was just the mums!

    Have a lovely week


  4. I like the new flower "Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate"! I've never heard of it.
    I have a few new roses, but for the most part my garden looks pretty bad. I haven't had the energy to really take care of it this summer. I'm looking forward to fall.

  5. They`re beautiful; I`ll have to try them next year. I`m sure I`ll remember a name like that, lol!

  6. I adore the look of and the name "Kiss me Over The Garden Gate." Sounds like the name of an OPI nail polish. I always have thought people who have the job of naming products have a swell job. We had a loud thunderstorm today too. Have a terrific week. xoxo, olive

  7. I must admit I prefer the peaceful garden to the soggy first day of school. This is my second first day of peace and quiet. I loved sitting and listening to the rain come doen. It actually woke me up this morning when it started, such an unusual noise that we haven't heard for a long, long time. Lovely blooms in your garden.

  8. I feel sorry for the teachers yes, but did we ever need the rain! Your KMOTGG plant has pretty pink flowers, I've never grown it. It is amazing how well some plants have done despite the lack of moisture this year, your roses look quite healthy.

  9. They are all such beautiful blooms! I love the name of that, Kiss Me flower :)

  10. Karen, these new flowers "Kiss me.." are very tender and nice!

  11. Roses are really amazing how much they can tolerate and still look well! My children have been in school a month already and I know how difficult it is when they don't have recess especially when they are just starting back to school after running around and being active all summer. Then they are immediately expected to be quiet and sit still for 6 hours. It really is expecting too much and I also feel for the teachers!

  12. You have some beautiful blooms in your garden, Karen, and lovely photos of them. And what a sweet name 'kiss me over the garden gate' is....so pretty!
    Helen x

  13. What a surprise, we had gentle rain all day yesterday as well, first time in over three months and already our roses are also starting to recover. I have some that look very similar to yours.

  14. My garden looks so raggedy with the extreme summer heat we had...I need to go out there and take a look around and clean it up...as soon as it cools down a bit. Your flowers are still looking so lovely.

  15. Hello Karen, What a delightful name for a plant "Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate". Your roses look beautiful. I have maybe three or four roses flowering, but I don't think it will be for much longer as the days are getting colder. I am going to enjoy them while I can. My great-nephew started school yesterday, his very first day and he was so excited. He was tired when he returned home, but looking forward to returning today. Best Wishes Daphne

  16. Good morning Karen..
    Beautiful summer flowers. Amazing how they will thrive and grow, even with the dry weather everyone has had this year.
    Love your "Kiss Me' plant.
    I remember seeing those in the garden magazines.
    Now, I need to put it on my 'garden wish list'.
    Along with the other dozens of plant...*smile.


  17. Gorgeous flowers in your garden! Very lovely rose!

  18. Oh no ! I don't want summer to end, it has been so wonderful this year ! And now we have the last roses to enjoy. Your's are beautiful and I love the second photo. I had never seen this flower, Kiss Me Over The Garden Gate, it's so beautiful. Is it a tall plant ? I'd love to have one in my garden. I always love to see your flowers photos Karen !

  19. You flower pictures are always so wonderful.... I need to get some fall type flowers so that I have flowers growing all seasons... Most of mine are more spring and early summer, so my flower garden looks pretty bedraggled right now.

  20. Beautiful flowers in your peaceful back garden.

  21. What pretty pink flowers you have still blooming!! Sadly, this was not a good summer for my flowers as most did not tolerate the heat. I love your "Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate" flower --such a fun name!
    I will have to look into deer and rabbit resistant flowers for next summer as the house we will be moving to gets both visitors pretty frequently.

  22. Love the last two shots of the wispy blooms. The name is so original and wonderful as well. I have a spot that would be perfect for these and will now go do a google to see if they will grow in our climate.

    Thanks for the visit to my post on the Letter H and all the houses I featured.

  23. 彡♡` Olá, amiga!

    Passei para uma visitinha.
    Lindas flores!

    Lindo dia!
    Bom fim de semana!
    Brasil ♡彡.

  24. Your roses are beautiful...they look very much like the ones on my climber! We have had some rain, too, and I am loving the cooler temps!

    Just found your blog and it's great! :)


  25. NEVER heard of that last flower but would like to grow it! :) I will have to google it...

  26. Hi Karen, You have lovely pinks in your garden. I think the cooler weather and the moisture have got the roses going well again. I like the Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate and grow it too. It self-seeds, which is nice. I also saved seeds however where I planted the seeds myself, it didn't germinate. Hope your wknd is going well!

  27. Kiss Me Over the Garden Gates are very pretty. All the flowers of your garden are. I know that your stamps for the hollyhocks are going to run out quick! What fun...



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