Saturday, September 1, 2012

With Thanks

A while back, I discovered a lovely blog called Ivy, Phyllis and Me! and became a follower, the first one.

Daphne, its creator, emailed me; she was very excited that someone had chosen to follow and wanted to send a present. I assured her that wasn't necessary, but that a postcard from her corner of England would be fun.

Instead, Daphne chose a beautiful book entitled "Flowers" by Janet Harvey Kelman. She selected it because she could tell, from my blog, that I loved flowers. I also love this book. The publication date isn't in it, but after a little investigation, it looks like it was published in the early 1950's.

What a treasure! Do you see the beautiful colour plate above? There are 48 of them! As for the sparkly items, I believe they must be from Daphne's trip to India.

Earlier this week, I mentioned Daphne's kindness on my Facebook page and several people went over to take a look at her blog. I'm hoping you'll do the same. Ivy, Phyllis and Me! is charming and you'll feel as if you've had a little holiday in England. And, really, couldn't we all use a bit of a holiday now and again? Besides, "one good turn deserves another".

Thank you, Daphne.

Given I've included a collage in this post, I've decided to link up with Little Red House's "Mosaic Monday". Mary plays hostess to a wide variety of participants.


  1. What a lovely book Karen. I popped over to Daphne's blog and thoroughly enjoyed my visit. Hope you are enjoying the weekend.

  2. What a great book.... Such a lovely person to send you this.. I love her blog and have enjoyed her pictures.

  3. What a lovely book!Nice to have friends bloggers!Enjoy your wonderful gifts!Have a happy Sunday!

  4. Karen, this antiquarian book, you might be proud of receiving it!

  5. Lovely book Karen.

    I have visited and followed!

    Hope you are well. We are having wonderful sunshine today
    so I am going to take myself out for a long walk.

    Maybe Ireland will have summer in September!

    How is your weather there?


  6. There is such a sense of community in blog land, and it's a wonderful place to dwell. No wonder so many of us live parts of our lives here.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  7. What a sweet thank you! I took a look, enjoyed her post on quilts and followed.

    I am also new to your blog and have enjoyed it a lot. I've also followed you as well.

    - Cassandra from 'Renaissance Women'

  8. What a lovely gift and even more special to have come so far!

  9. What a wonderful surprise! And the gifts are lovely too! Have a grand week! Cathy

  10. What a special you can enjoy for years to come!

  11. What beautiful treasures! I do love mail call! Bloggers are so generous.

  12. What a lovely gift! That was so nice :) The book makes such a pretty collage. Off to check out the blog now.

  13. Good Afternoon Karen, How kind of you to share my blog with all your friends. Many have visited and left comments which I am going to respond to today. I am thrilled you enjoyed your gift, it gave me great pleasure to send it to you. Have a wonderful day. Best Wishes Daphne

  14. What a nice gesture...and I love the book. Heading over to take a peek.

  15. How thoughtful of her :)

    Going over now to take a look.

    Have a wonderful week

  16. Oh that book looks delightful, always looking for UK bloggers to remind me of my roots, so off to take a look right now!

  17. What fun to receive something in the mail. I'll click on over and take a look at the blog.

  18. How very wonderful! I really love my blog followers too, it changed my life in a very special way~

  19. What a lovely and thoughtful gift. My consistent followers do become more like family.

    Thanks for taking the time to visit my humble site.



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