Saturday, March 17, 2012

☀ Sunlit Sunday (#11): Warm Biscuits

The sun shone a fair bit this past week and one would think I'd have a few photos featuring the rays on something outdoors.

here I have warm biscuits, 
sitting in the sunshine, 
ready to come out of the pan.

There's nothing like a little comfort food now and again.

The added sunshine is a bonus, or should I "gravy" for the biscuits, in honour of my southern friends!

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Have a biscuit.


  1. It has been a glorious sunny week here, with lots of work done outside. Those biscuits would be delicious after some time outside.

  2. Hi Karen
    Lots of sun here too and some garden cleanup started. And, 6 frogs sunning themselves around the pond. I'll share them another day.
    Your biscuits look delicious - would love one right now with some tea.

  3. Oh my but they look tasty!! And yes a bit of sausage gravy does sound good!!! Have a wonderful Sunday! Cathy

  4. Yummmm...not too many things better than warm biscuits! Thanks for hosting Sunlit Sunday!
    Hugs, Cindy

  5. Oh my ... your biscuits look heavenly. I love making homemade biscuits and enjoy trying other people's recipes. Would love to have yours.

  6. all I know is I would love to have a few of these right this minute... nothing like the smell of biscuits cooking.. and then to savory them melting in your mouth..
    OH my I need to go find some breakfast
    Have a beautiful day and enjoy your sunshine..
    hugs, Cherry

  7. HH is fixing breakfast I just asked him to put some biscuits in the oven. These sure make me feel warm and cozy. Have a great day. It is raining just now but expect the sun to come out.

  8. Great pictures! The biscuits look so inviting! I like just butter on mine!
    My husband will smother them with jam!
    We're enjoying the sun and beautiful weather! This is turning out to be a
    glorious spring here!
    Thanks for hosting again!

  9. I am visiting from Liz's blog @ Infuse With Liz. Your biscuits look great, I'd love to taste one. I hope to belinking soon with a sunlit post. Great idea for a "meme". xo P.S. I am your newest follower. xo

  10. We are having beautiful weather here. It has been in the 70s and 80s. The grass is turning green and the robins are back. Plus I enjoyed a few days visiting on the Mississippi River.
    Your biscuits look delicious. You can bake some for me anytime.

  11. Your beautiful biscuits make me hungry. I would love one. :))

  12. Yum! I love biscuits. Lovely photo! Thanks for hosting. I'm a bit late in joining. Blessings, Pamela



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