Sunday, March 18, 2012

❀ Showing Promise

I was happy to find that my first colourful crocuses of the season have popped up in the garden. As well, the daffodil buds are getting plumper by the day.

As for the snowdrops tucked in a dark corner, how did I never notice them at this stage in previous years, with the beautiful green patterns on the white petaled backdrop? I really do think that blogging makes me look at things more closely.

The fuzzy magnolia buds (having dealt successfully with winter's snow) are showing promise, as are the sturdy tulip leaves that have poked through the earth and pushed their way through last year's mulch. There are no blasts of colour here, but time will change that.

After the struggle, comes the bloom.

Here's to spring arriving, officially, this week!

What do you love about the new season?
If you're on the other half of the world, feel free to comment on autumn!
I'm pleased to be linking with Mary at Little Red House for Mosaic Monday.

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  1. That last image is lovely. I do not know that flower. It was in the 80's here today-we may fry here this summer.

  2. I love seeing bulbs coming up. Yippee to Spring!!!

  3. Oh, how pretty! Spring is my favorite time of year. :) xoxo

  4. Spring is blooming everywhere and I do love seeing all these beautiful blossoms! Cathy

  5. those blooms with the green and white markings are gorgeous! I don't think I've ever seen anything like them.

  6. Hi Karen
    You are way ahead of us. Thanks for sharing your spring beauties.

  7. Those little white flowers (Snowdrops?) are really interesting looking. I love the little bell hanging down from the petals. We're in full bloom here in Georgia. Beautiful Spring weather and colors. Love your wonderful mosaic.

  8. Hi,Karen.
    Those little flowers are very lovely!! Spring is the time of magic. Let's enjoy the beautiful weather and color.

  9. How nice to see things that we haven't before. I have no snowdrops and wonder how I could not have such lovely flowers. I've never seen the patterns before just now either. You're showing me for the first time.

  10. Hi Karen, What lovely flowers bursting forth at your home. I always look forward to the first pop of color, usually with daffodils. With our mid eighties today I feel like we skipped spring and jumped ahead to summer. Lovely photographs. Happy Spring.

    The French Hutch

  11. I can see that spring has come to your garden too. Isn't it great. V

  12. Karen, your photos are wonderful. Love seeing spring starting to bloom. I have never seen snowdrops. No color showing up in my garden yet. Just a little green from the iris.
    Enjoy spring!

  13. Your snowdrops are beautiful. I haven't seen any with those extra green spots.

  14. I seem to be leaving the same comment everywhere this morning but it is true ' Hurrah for Spring'

  15. Lovely photos. Yes, spring is here - we have buds on the bushes and our tulip is emerging as are the sedums and day lilies. Just the beginnings, but it makes me happy.


  16. Karen, I love your mosaic! Your crocus and snowdrops are lovely. Looking forward to seeing your magnolia blooms too. Who doesn't love spring? It's like a rebirth!

  17. Hi Karen,
    What do we have here? your house, lucky you!
    These are just gorgeous, can't wait to see the flowers on the magnolia tree!
    All the Best,

  18. Found you thur Cozy little house, Love your blog, Flowers are so pretty! Hugs, Lynn

  19. Such a great promise for Spring!! I love the newness of beginnings. All if fresh and beautiful. Your pictures are a great delight and I love the last photo. So pretty!!

  20. Thank you for stopping by, Karen.
    I agree that blogging and photography make us notice the details. I realized this last year and every time I second guess blogging I think of this as one of the many positives that it has brought to my life.
    These photographs are spectacular. Gorgeous colors.
    I'm not as much a fan of spring as I am of autumn, but I do love all the life and hope it brings with it. You've captured it very well.
    Much love!

  21. I love your photographs. Don't you just love spring when Mother Nature gets to show off all her finery!

    Thanks for the inspiration.


  22. What pretty snowdrops! I have never seen any like that before. They look so exotic. Spring has hit full force here - completely skipped over the month of March and it feels more like May. Very warm and very strange.

  23. Woohoo sister, I'm celebratin' here with ya. Yep, there is hope. I've never made any bones 'bout how I feel about old Man Winter. I'm sooooo not a snowbunny.

    Your pictures are proof that spring is bustin' out all over!!! Oops..I feel a song comin' on. Truly it doesn't take much to set me off!

    Have yourself an awesomely blessed weekend sweetie!!!



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