Friday, February 17, 2012

The Package

 There is something exciting about a UPS truck showing up at the house.

It may not have delivered "brown paper packages tied up with string", but a cardboard box from Amazon was a close second!

Last year, I pre-ordered a book that I had heard about it on Ravelry (a wonderful site for those who knit and/or crochet). This brand new publication is an updated version of the original book of the same name.

There it is, all 700 pages of it. Gulp. If I can just learn how to properly sew up a sweater, I'll be pleased. As for casting on, I had no idea there were so many methods. Just seeing this volume sitting on the coffee table is inspiring me to pick up my knitting needles this weekend. After I clear away the card-making materials, that is!

I think I'm (finally) starting to get into a creative groove!


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  1. What a wonderful treat you had in the mail, Karen! I agree, UPS vans arriving outside the house are very exciting...I had one recently bringing fabric from the US!
    Your book looks fascinating...enjoy your reading, and have a lovely weekend.
    Helen x

  2. Enjoy your book Karen, it sounds great
    looking forward to seeing photos of your knitting creations.

    Have a good weekend

    x Fiona

  3. Oh, isn't it fun getting a delivery! I'm glad to hear you're getting your creative groove back. Happy knitting and crocheting!

  4. I love the UPS truck! You got a nice delivery, cool book! Looks like you'll be busy for some time. Looking forward to seeing your projects.

  5. Well you will certainly have no problem figuring things out with a book that size! Knitting is wonderful therapy. i love having something to do with my hands while I watch tv.

  6. I can't crochet yet. Knitting sounds even harder!

  7. You'll have a lot of fun going through that big book!

  8. The book looks like great inspiration for creative knitting. Can't wait to see what you do.

  9. I love gettting a parcel in the post and would love to get back into a ceafting groove

  10. That does look inviting.
    And seaming is one of the most difficult parts of any knitted item in my view. Never managed it yet.

  11. Hi Karen
    Wow, that's a big book. Next thing you know, you'll have an Etsy shop of cute little knitted things.
    How's your card making coming along? I've been scouting out the craft stores here for more stuff for my collection. Too bad you didn't live closer and could join our card classes twice a month.

  12. It will be totally relaxing and inspiring just to leaf through the book - I imagine the photos are beautiful - the cover is lovely!

  13. It is always exciting when a parcel arrives and that book looks great. Plenty to keep you reading and making there.

  14. Wow, interesting! I hadn't heard of this book before last week, but suddenly Ravelry forums are buzzing about it. I'll have to check it out... sounds like an excellent resource to have on hand.

  15. A 700 page knitting book? That is daunting! I'll stick with my lessons from a friend for now.

  16. OH, WOW! I think I may need a copy of this! It seems a perfect reference for any knitter. I also VERY MUCH ENJOY receiving any sort of parcel in the mail! It's so much fun! :-D



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