Saturday, February 18, 2012

☀ Sunlit Sunday (#7): Plants and Swans

Whether you're here to add a link or visit those who have, WELCOME!

There was some intermittent sunlight this week and I snapped a few photos of the plants in my kitchen. I do not have a pretty view from that room's window, but feel fortunate that it faces south!

It may have been an overcast day on a recent walk, which included some swan-watching, but all was sunny for my friend on the right.

At least, for a little while!

This was the sky this morning. However, "sunlit" can be taken metaphorically. A poached egg on toast and cappuccino for breakfast, a cozy weekend while the snow flies - these keep my mood light!

What "sunlight" did you find this week?


  1. Love the images, especially the swan! I haven't taken any photos except for food this week! I must get out and take more photos!

  2. Hello Karen
    Nice to see a little sunlight in your life despite the recent snow.

  3. It was snowing this morning and we got some rain in the afternoon.
    Very lovely pictures!!

  4. Sunshine is really wherever and however one finds it. I think that such a breakfast can be as 'sunny' as the brightest summer day.

  5. Hi Karen, I love the picture of the swan. The breakfast sounds mighty good.

  6. Love the photos. Great that you had some sunshine.

    A poached egg on toast sounds great, yum!

    Would like to have joined in this week but the link opens too late for me on Saturday. I like to post Saturday afternoon but you weren't open until after I went to bed!
    Will have to move your side of the water!

    Have a lovely day,

    x Fiona

    ps your plants look very healthy!

  7. I can almost hear the sun shines out to you
    thank you
    Sunday should be a nice day

  8. Sunshine in our hearts makes everything bright.. hugs and thank you for the pretty party..
    Have a wonderful week love your swans,snow and that Jade I can't grow indoor plants..
    I love them to death every time..hugs, Cherry

  9. Oh how I love succulents. My hen and chickens last all year long. The swan adds such a majestic feels and makes you want to lift your head and chug along nice and smooth. Blessings on this fine day.

  10. Love the sun on your plants. We've had a couple of snow mornings but the snow has vanished quickly. It's a couple of hours after I did my post this morning and now the sun is coming out.

  11. What a vibrant green your plants are in that first mosaic.

  12. Hi Karen,

    I am so happy to be joining everyone this week for Sunlit Sunday. Your swan and plant mosaics are delightful. May the sun be shining down upon you today and every day.

  13. Lovely plants, and I love the swans. Both the real swan and the carved swan are gorgeous. Wonderful photos and mosaics.

  14. I love all your photos! The green in the first is so vibrant - love it! The swans so graceful and I love trees, so the branches photo is stunning! This is my first time linking to Sunlit Sunday! Sorry I'm late...but I look forward to joining more often in the future!
    Hugs, Cindy

  15. Missed the linky this week never mind here is a link anyway
    As you can see by the title of my blog sometimes I dont get computer time.

  16. Beautiful photos, especially the swan!
    Thanks for hosting.
    Greetings Mette

  17. I saw your party link on Donna's Designs and decided to jump in on the party! I'm a little late...but by some coincidence I posted a sunlight terrarium on my Sunday post!
    Love your photos!

  18. Oh those swans....can I say "swooning over swans" :)

    I just found your party earlier today and made a mental note to come over and link something up....doing so shortly! :)

  19. Hi there, me again : )
    Actually once I came back to post, it said the collection was closed
    ( after the 15th post ) I checked and it was the Feb 18th party's my post anyway if it is ok : )



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