Monday, December 5, 2011

Trimming the Tree

 There it is! 
A fresh, fragrant, soon-to-be festive Christmas tree, wrapped in mesh and ready to enter my home.

Forget stuffing a turkey, try stuffing a six and a half foot tree into a small car!

Did I mention "needle-dropping" in the tree's description?
I don't mind, though, because the scent makes up for a few spent green bits.

While listening to carols, I enjoy going through my ornaments. 
Most were presents and it's nice to recall the warm sentiments with which they were given.

A shimmering angel, a shining sphere...

or a silk circle, each has its place.

I'm finding my place, too.

Warm Holiday Wishes,


  1. It's always a bitter-sweet time to me. All those lovely memories, ornaments to remind us of trips, ornaments made by the children in Kindergarten, ornaments from family members long gone. Once a year I have a memory fest and call it decorating the tree!

  2. That is lovely I have a few ornaments like that.

  3. My baubles bring back memories of where they came from and when - my granddaugter has raided my bauble box this year for her first tree - perhaps in years to come they will also bring back memories for her - Jane UK

  4. We trimmed our tree last night as well. Isn't it wonderful! My favorite thing about Xmas is the tree.

    Lovely little blog you have here too.

  5. Hello Karen
    Your tree is very pretty along with the memories it brings you. I used to have a reindeer plant holder like yours, I must have given it to one of our daughters.

  6. Just love the scent of a real tree. It so exciting and good fun decorating the tree.Also, it is a time to remember gifts of baubles etc each conjures up a memory.

  7. Karen, I love the scent of are real tree too! But I have several artificial ones so usually use one of those. I have given most of my sentimental ornaments to my kids for them and my grandkids to enjoy. I will be doing a post on my tree in a few days.
    Warm Holiday wishes to you too.

  8. hello karen,
    your tree is beautiful.i love the sweet golden angel.
    lovely blog.
    love regina

  9. Ahhh, the sweet and memory-filled scent of a REAL tree. How can people trade the real for the fake.

    Loved this and the image of you stuffing it into your car. With all those needles you can make a holiday pot pourri.

    All joys,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  10. Oh, I miss the scent of real trees. Asthma and allergies...

  11. Hello, Karen.
    What a heartwarming post! I love it. It is so lovely to know that a real tree is trimmed for your Christmas! Here in Japan, we do not have many real ones though we enjoy Christmas decorations. Your ornaments are very pretty!! Most of my Christmas ornaments are also presents from my younger sister and close friends. I love them very much. I like your words" I am finding my place, too". So am I.
    Have a wonderful day!

  12. Hello Karen, Love your post! This year we've set up a real tree and it floored me to realize it is the first in my daughter's lifetime! She's 18! We had such an adventure getting it! I have enjoyed my visit to your blog - my first time!
    I am happy to be your newest follower!
    God Bless,



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