Friday, December 23, 2011

❆ Thanks for the Rugelach Recipe ❆

I've long maintained that I don't have a sweet tooth, but I may have to re-evaluate that position. 

The baking bug has taken hold lately. Now, I don't have oodles of different tasty treats, but there are shortbread and gingerbread cookies, mince tarts and rugelach.

The latter, with cranberry and raisin filling, is completely new to me; I hadn't heard of rugelach until this holiday season. Lorrie shared her delicious-looking recipe on Pass to the Left, one of her two wonderful blogs (the other being Fabric, Paper, Thread).

I made the rugelach just a little while ago, ate one (or two) samples while they were warm and one (or two) samples when cooled. YUM! I can see them making a repeat performance next year!

Thank you, Lorrie!

Holiday Greetings!


  1. You are very welcome, Karen. They are addictive, aren't they? I keep mine in the freezer otherwise they might all disappear in a flash.

    Have a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!

  2. I definitely have a sweet tooth! I haven't heard of these, but look delicious! Merry Christmas!

  3. I have never heard of these but I do have a sweet tooth and the ingredients sound great. Will have a go.Thanks for this post.
    Merry Christmas Karen.

  4. Your pastries look so yummy! I don't like to bake anymore, so I really admire and appreciate those who still do.

  5. They look marvelous! I've seen lots of recipes, but I think I'd be the only one eating them (picky kids and hubby)...which is not a good thing! I may have to find an excuse to bake these for someone so I can have a few for myself :)



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