Wednesday, December 21, 2011

One Skein of Silk

Several months ago, I purchased one skein of recycled sari silk yarn to make a scarf, wound a ball, and then neglected it. Somehow, I'd fallen away from knitting -limited as it had been- but would now like to get back into the rhythm of clicking needles.

I'm feeling the urge to fiddle with my fingers and make something beautiful.

I haven't used this kind of yarn before. If I understand correctly, it is made from remnants and scraps of the silk used for colourful, shimmering Indian saris.

Rummaging through my knitting needles, I'll see if I can find suitable ones for the project. Then, some simple stitches will yield, I hope, a pretty product.

One skein of silk, one skein of salvaged-loveliness, one skein of possibility. 

I would do well to emulate "one skein of silk".

I'd love to hear your thoughts,


  1. We could all use a skein of possibility, especially one as lovely as yours. Have a Merry Christmas, Patty

  2. I look forward to seeing what it will become.....

  3. Gorgeous yarn, looking forward to seeing the finished item

  4. I think you can make something very beautiful with that. It looks like you might could get tangled pretty easy with that, but don't lose heart and keep at it. Determined hearts creates awesomeness!!
    Merry Christmas,

  5. I always love the idea that you can make a special something from just a few simple materials. Your yarn is very beautiful, and whatever you make with it will be lovely, I'm sure. I hope you enjoy the peace and calm of knitting it over Christmas!
    Helen x

  6. Darling Karen a peaceful Christmas and a New Year full of ealth and love to you!

  7. Beautiful coloured yarn. Bet it feels lovely to use. Cannot wait to see what your project is Karen.



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