Saturday, June 7, 2014

In the Pink

These have faded now, but a few days ago there were still tulips in the back garden.

It's a treat for me to look at a bit of prettiness because I'm in the midst of clearing out the shed, one of the jobs that is long overdue. There are tools, pots, a lawn mower and a couple of bikes decorating the lawn at the moment, as well as several bags of garbage.

This little one dropped by on my last big gardening day. Some of us know how to enjoy the glorious springtime and take a few minutes to luxuriate in a beautiful morning.

A new, simple garden is at the base of the magnolia tree. I put up the circular border (after digging it out from where it had sunk, elsewhere, deep into the earth), corralled some forget-me-nots that were springing up in the grass, and added a few impatiens for a bit of colour in a shady spot.

Let's just pretend I'm here solely because I'm long overdue with a post and not because I'm avoiding the remaining work in the shed. Although, once I get the blue stain off the window (I know, sloppy of me), I may just make it a little lace curtain!

Here's a happy sign; my peonies are in bud. In a local park, there is a Peony Festival in this community each spring. Normally, it would be held this weekend, but it has been postponed until next week. The harsh winter has definitely had lingering effects. Soon, though, there will be big, blowsy peonies.

Foster puss Claire is still making things beautiful around the house. The lovely woman who was interested in adopting her is unable to pursue that right now, much to her dismay. Perhaps it's just as well; Claire just had a vet appointment, as a result of some concern over an issue she was having. With the medication she'll be getting come Monday, she'll be over an infection, in the pink, and ready for adoption very soon.

It certainly hasn't affected Claire's appetite or playful activities. If only I could train my camera on her while she attacks her favourite target, the scatter mat!

Hoping all is well with you,


  1. Hello Karen
    We're having lovely weather this weekend and I wish you perseverance and luck to get your shed cleaned out. Pretty pink tulips to start your garden off and others in pink to continue the colour.
    Don't forget to stop for tea this afternoon. :-)

  2. Karen, your flowers and pictures are just gorgeous and Claire looks just darling there on that blue toile! What beautiful eyes she has! Glad she's coming home soon. Have a lovely weekend.


  3. Everything looks wonderful in your garden.

    Lulu is digging up my flowers less and less so I should be back to a pretty garden soon.

  4. Hi Karen, as much as I love all your photographs today I think my favorite is the little fledgling who came to say hello. Such a shame that Claires adoption didn't go ahead but still you get to enjoy her company for a little while longer instead.

  5. Love your flowers, but think the fledgling stole the show! Claire really is a lovely lady.

  6. Lots of lovely blooms! Sweet little robin

  7. The gardens are lovely at this time of the year. I've got 16 peony blooms on my bush and I'm thrilled to have that many after only a couple of years. So good to hear Claire will be over her infection soon.

  8. Lovely pinks in your garden Karen. I imagine the peonies will be gorgeous when they open up. I hope you capture them with your camera. I'm glad Claire will be on the mend soon and hopefully adopted. Enjoy the summery weather! Pam

  9. How lovely to have the tulips linger - they are such a pretty color. Now that they are done the peonies will give you lots of pink. Such a gorgeous flower.
    Enjoy the weekend (and I hope the shed cleanout is soon done.)

  10. Oh my! The beauty of my beloved peonies is evident even from their budding beginnings! Such a brilliant shade of pink in all your pretties! Your feathery visitor really does look like he's soaking up those rays! Hmm. Lucky for him, Claire was inside resting!

    Miss those fresh and dewy mornings! Enjoy!


  11. Lovely Tulips- that soft pink is so nice!

  12. Oh glorious photos - so springy. Love the little bird. I've been avoiding a few things too - maybe I should go do a blot post instead.

  13. Beautiful pink tulips Karen.
    I really love your planting beneath the magnolia tree.
    Forget--me-nots are my favourite spring flower, they are beautiful in their simplicity.
    Combining them with the soft pink impatiens is stunning!
    I hope the sweet little birdie was OK.

  14. Karen, I have that exact same mess in my shed! LOL. The problem is, it's much more fun to work in the garden than in the shed!

    Your flowers are lovely, as are your photos. Give the the sweet Claire a few scratches on the head for me.

  15. The tulips are glorious. You must stop to record them. The cat is lovely too. xo, olive

    p.s. pinning the tulips if that is ok

  16. I completely understand shed cleaning avoidance. After two months of telling myself our shed really needed a good clean out I finally got around to it a couple weeks ago. The good news is, once the job is done you will feel a sense of satisfaction every time you enter it. Your garden is looking very pretty!

  17. It must be precious time for you to find what is appearing in your garden every morning. I am charmed with the delicacy of tulip petals!! That robin is sweet. Here, rainy season has come. I do not have to water in my garden for the time.
    Have a good new week, Karen.

  18. Glad Claire is dong well and will be on her feet better than ever. The tulips were beautiful here but are long gone now....:)JP

  19. How stunning those pink tulips are! And what a great photo of your friend dropping by for a visit. Our tulips have been gone for a few weeks ~ how lovely to see some were still around a few days ago.

  20. Your garden looks beautiful, so many lovely flowers. I am secretly glad that Claire is still with you as you both seem so happy together. I hope that she is all fit and well again very soon. xx

  21. Love this post!
    Such beautiful flowers!!
    It's a great time of year.... things warming up, and opportunities to dig in the dirt.

    Have a happy week.


  22. Your garden is coming along beautifully, Karen. My Peonies are done already and it makes me a little sad, so please post another picture when yours burst open. Great shot of that little bird. You have to be quick to get those.

  23. The tulips are beautiful, Karen. I hate to see them go as they are one of my very favorite flowers. I like the little garden you've created beneath your magnolia tree. Once again, your photography is stunning! What a talent you have, Karen!



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