Friday, April 18, 2014

Petals and Stitches

After a long wait, crocuses have started to appear in the garden. With equal predominance, however, I'm discovering small holes that have been dug. I suspect that explains the healthy looking squirrels this spring. (I've noticed some reddish ones, as well as the usual grey and black; must be the "good eating" in my yard.)

Colour choices for little knitting projects have been influenced by this new season, or earlier, by the anticipation of it: fresh greens, sky blue, lovely lavender, sunny yellow, and sprightly coral.

For those who may be interested, here are some pattern links on Ravelry:
Lavender and yellow kitchen cloths
Greek Key design
Coral hearts:
Green heart

Back to seasonal choices, they also occur inside my house. When fall arrives, I want cozy warm throws and pillows. Come spring, lighter and brighter colours call to me. Even some items on the walls move from room to room. The autumn scene print in the dining room migrates to a room at the back of my house, and the old mirror with the leaf-coloured frame comes forth.

Changes and choices (seasonal or otherwise) can be eye-opening, surprising, rewarding and, on occasion, come with a pair of spring-green eyes.  After 2 months here, my foster puss, Claire, is still waiting to be adopted.

From my (our) home to yours . . .

 Happy Easter
Happy Passover
Happy Spring

Thank you, as always, for visiting and for your comments.


  1. I have hardly any crocus left, but many fat and healthy squirrels, so more will be planted this fall. The purple veining in the ones you're sharing are beautiful Karen. The lavender double heart kitchen cloth you gifted to me is sitting on the counter, spread out to admire, I don't want to mess it up by using it as a dish cloth. :-) It may just end up as a substantial doily.
    Happy Easter.

  2. Happy Spring! The crocus are lovely and I'm sure the squirrels appreciate their winter food! You are busy knitting -- really like all those gorgeous, yummy, colors. I think Claire would like your home to be hers. She is a really pretty kitty. Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Crocus are really lovely and I like your home, cosy and welcoming...Your knitting has tremendous colors Karen, well done!!!
    Happy Easter dear friend!

  4. Pretty spring colours in your knitted goods and also in your home. I like the reflection of the living room in your green mirror. It looks lovely. Poor Claire. I'm surprised she's not adopted yet. I wonder why? Maybe you and she are meant to be. :) Happy Easter.

  5. Lovely photos and post ! Happy Easter weekend !

  6. I love the reflection of your living room in the mirror! The spring colors of you knitting are so pretty.
    Have a wonderful Easter my friend!

  7. Beautiful crocus and knitting!! It is fun to change a room around to compliment each season!! Your living room looks lovely--i love the forsythia! Such a sweet kitty too! Have a wonderful easter!!!

  8. I love your beautiful home and your flowers. I need to make some seasonal changes around my house. You've chosen some beautiful colors for your knitting projects, too! Have a blessed weekend! Hugs, Diane

  9. Sorry...I had a million typos in the above comment!

    Your crocus are so pretty...mine haven't come up yet. Please hurry! I can see why you would be inspired to use those pretty spring colors in your knitting! I love the view of your living calm and serene. I like lighter colors, too, in the summer.

    Claire is beautiful. Do you get attached to your foster pets?

    Happy Easter!


  10. So wonderful that you are able to see some flowers.... Beautiful picture of your crocus. Love your spring knitting colours too. Hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend.

  11. I'm sure Claire is enjoying her time with you however long that may be. She certainly looks contented enough. Hope you're having a good Easter break.

  12. Such a beautiful post Karen!...I love the colours you have chosen for your knitting projects and the photo through the mirror is lovely....Ooh, dear Claire is just gorgeous..x
    Happy Easter Weekend to you and yours,
    Susan x

  13. It's always such a treat to have the crocus pop up after a long winter. Claire is starting to sound like she might become a permanent member of your family. :-)

    Happy Easter!

  14. Beatiful patterns and colours of knitting. I think it 's always fun to change the house from an autumn to a fresh spring look and Claire.......that lovely beauty, iI don't think she want to leave you.

  15. Karen..such pretty, colorful projects you have in progress! Springtime just bids us to brighten up our surroundings. Sending you good wishes for a Happy, joyful Easter! Susan

  16. Hi,Karen!
    You are busy knitting ! I am impressed to see those spring colorful knitting of yours! They are so pretty. Your crocus is bright. I see the sun is warming your garden. Claire is so lovely. Is he some friends? I hope he does.
    Have a happy new week!

  17. I'm about to switch some pictures and buy some flowers for my entry. We've had some false starts, but it looks like spring might really have come to New York. Hope you had a very happy Easter and a sunlit Sunday!

  18. un très beau Crocus
    qui produit du safran grace à ses pistil
    le chat est adopté , il a élu domicile dans votre maison , en 2 mois il a pris ses habitudes ♥♥♥
    bonne semaine
    edith (iris)

  19. Oh, what a sparkling, seasonal post; JUST what I needed after a long night and day of stomach flu!

    Your little home and garden is certainly BIG on spring, showcasing the beautiful crocuses in the garden, the cozy in its crafty creativity and the cute and cuddly in its cat! Thanks for sharing; and the great therapy!

    Have a sparkling, spring week, Karen!


  20. Hello Karen such beautiful and colourful pictures here today! I love the flower shots you take, those crocus look so vibrant. The knitting looks very pretty, lacy and delicate in those sweet shades. Wishing you a happy and sunlit spring week!
    Helen xox

  21. I really love that Greek Key design, Karen- it looks fabulous with that blue and white- so appropriate- Your Crocus Look really Beautiful too- I almost forgot that I planted some last fall- same colour as yours- the tag was the only reminder- I can't wait till they come up!

  22. Claire is pretty, Karen - and your crocus photos are amazing! You are a very good photographer. Happy Spring!

  23. I recognize 3 of those projects because they are sitting on my little red rocker right now.

    I am glad spring is pushing winter out for you.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  24. Karen - What beautiful photographs you have. Your flowers are just gorgeous. Everyday new things are budding out and opening up here in Oklahoma. I am new to your blog and am your newest follower.


  25. Hi there, just catching up! Lovely to see what you have been getting up to! I wonder if perhaps Claire thinks that she has adopted you and wants to stay! Hope that you are having a good weekend. xx



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