Saturday, January 12, 2013

☀Sunlit Sunday: Season 2, Week #2

I was surprised and delighted with the turn-out at last week's ☀Sunlit Sunday. It seems many of us are ready to seek out something sunny at the beginning of this year.

Sunlight was at a premium in my area, but I did take a few photos while it swung by for a quick visit. Eggs, the start of something new, seemed like an appropriate subject.

Looking at these photos reminded me of a poem I first read decades ago. I pulled the book off the shelf to find it and share it with you.


Reader, in your hand you hold 
A silver case, a box of gold
I have no door, however small,
Unless you pierce my tender wall,
And there's no skill in healing then
Shall ever make me whole again.
Show pity, Reader, for my plight:
Let be, or else consume me quite.

        -Jay Macpherson
        (b. 1940, England; d. 2012, Canada)


  1. Thanks for hosting! I hope you don't mind - my post doesn't include any sunny photos but it does make me feel sunny and warm on this lovely January day

  2. Hi Karen, I like your little egg poem. I bet you baked something delicious with those eggs!

  3. How wonderful to have a beam of sun shine in on your lovely eggs.

    I love the when in the middle of winter, the sun pours in the windows :)


  4. I love your eggs Karen! Great idea. And the poem is wonderful. Thanks for hosting. Pamela

  5. Beautiful sunlit eggs. Such a simple subject that you've made look wonderful. Wishing you sunny days.

  6. Great pictures Karen!Amazing poem too!!Have a happy Sunday!!

  7. Good Afternoon Karen, I read the egg poem a couple of times....loved it. I'm sorry but I cannot participate in Sunlit Sunday as we have not had any sun at all, just grey days I'm afraid and the forecast for the next few days is snow....maybe we will get some sunshine after the snow....fingers crossed.
    Have a lovely "Sunlit Sunday",
    Best Wishes

  8. Karen, I love the eggs! And, I love the green bowl -- love polka dots!!!!! Happy Sunlit Sunday! Thanks for hosting.

  9. Love your post! I really like that poem. Thank-you for sharing and hosting!

  10. Beautiful post. I feel happy and warm inside now thanks to you. You're on to a good things with this project. I look forward to seeing lots more sunlight on your blog this year!


  11. I'm crushing on that cute bowl... Happy Sunday what ya making with them eggs??
    Thank you for bringing back Sunlit Sundays.. I love seeing what everyone shares...
    hugs and happy Sunday, Cherry

  12. I love those sunny eggs in the pretty green spotted bowl! Such cheerful pictures, very uplifting! Loved the little poem too :) Wishing you a happy sunny week, Karen.
    Helen x

  13. That green bowl is a welcome splash of color in our bleak winter scenes...

    Love the eggs too.


  14. Love the shadows in your kitchen. You are really good at photography, and using your creative talents to think of something unique. Thanks for hosting Sunlit Sunday!
    xo Beth

  15. Makes me want to make a souffle. Love the poem. Happy SUNday.

  16. Thanks for inviting me over! Love sunshine coming in...
    Thanks for spreading winter joy!

  17. I see in reading through the comments that your name is Karen. Hi Karen. I'm joining in this week for the first time for sunlit Sunday. Thanks for hosting. Love your sunlit photos and that green polka dot bowl! Have a great week.

  18. Was thinking I didn't have anything to submit this week, but was downloading some pictures off my phone when I came across this daisy picture... it brought a ray of sunlight on this snowy, snowy day.

  19. Cute poem! There's just something so absolutely beautiful about a bowl of eggs.

  20. Such a cheerful photo of the bowl of eggs. This is a lovely idea and I hope to join soon. Wishing you many bright spots in the week ahead. Mildred/GA, USA

  21. I love this! I would love to join in...after all I live in the Sunshine state! This looks like FUN!

  22. What a gorgeous lime green bowl and that egg is perfect in the last shot.

  23. after breakfast when I go to check yesterday's minimum and maximum temperatures, the sun is so hot it has already passed yesterday's maximum.



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