Thursday, November 8, 2012

Soup's On: Pumpkin

As the days get colder, there is something about a hearty soup that warms one up from head to toe.

Having enjoyed pumpkin soup in little tea houses, but never having made it myself, I was looking forward to testing a new recipe.

With a friend coming for lunch, it was a good time to try it. 

I know, conventional wisdom says you don't test a recipe on company; for me, it's a perfect opportunity.

When my lunch guest said "yes" to a second helping, I knew the soup was a "keeper". If you'd like to make it, the recipe is from the "Canadian Gardening" site. Here's the link.

The recipe suggested fresh pumpkin purée; it is from, after all, a gardening site! Mine came from a tin; pumpkin growing is not in my limited agricultural repertoire. Not having pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds filled in nicely. One more thing, I ran a hand blender around it to break up the onions and create a smooth texture.

Some ricotta cheese biscuits, 

a couple of wonky-shaped apple dumplings,

 and that was lunch.

Better still, having made a large pot of pumpkin goodness, I have leftovers.

I sure hope it freezes well . . . 

Do you have a favourite soup recipe?

Given the recipe is from a "green" gardening site, I'm heading to Ireland to link to Fiona's "Green Day".


  1. Looks yummy Karen, I like pumpkin soup. Your friend was treated to a hearty lunch and all homemade!
    My favourite is a black bean soup and each time I make it, I seem to add more to the pot - yesterday when made, some red lentils went in the pot.

  2. YUM! That looks like a wonderful lunch... Love pumpkin soup but have never made it. Love your soup dishes too.. My favorite soups are the African soups we make with either chicken, fish or goat meat.

  3. This does look delicious! So do the biscuits and apple dumplings. I love your soup bowl and plate too. I'll check out the recipe now. ;) Hugs,

  4. Looks really delicious, and those ricotta biscuits. Have to check out both recipes. Perfect autumn lunch to share with a friend. xo

  5. Oh, this looks so yummy! And so do the biscuits and apple dumplings. I love pumpkin soup buy haven't made it myself.

  6. Essa sopa é muito gostosa mesmo. Acompanhamentos que fizeste também!! beijos,ótimo fim de semana! chica

  7. Olá, que apetitosa sopa! Com o tempo frio sabe muito bem!Adoro sopas.Temha um dia bem agradável. Abraços. Ailime

  8. Good Morning Karen, What a beautiful lunch you provided for your friend. The dish you served your soup in, is beautiful. I have never tasted pumpkin soup, but I will certainly add this to my list of soups during the winter. You made ricotta biscuits which sound delicious, they look very much like our scones....and the apple dumplings, well, I would have been very content after eating these. All in all, I would say your friend thoroughly enjoyed herself. My favourite soup is chicken, vegetable and lentil soup. Have a lovely weekend. Best Wishes Daphne

  9. Hummmm.... eu quero tomar essa sopa e comer aqueles pãezinhos!Eu adorei! Beijos e lindo final de semana! Lindo tudo aqui!

  10. I love soup, though I must say I'm not a fan of pumpkin anything. My favourite is leek and potato.

  11. Que prato e tigela lindos! E a sopa, com este tempo frio, bem que apetece!

    E aqueles bolinhos que parecem maçãs, hummm, maravilha!

  12. Mmmm. I love soup for lunch, or for dinner, almost any time of the year, but especially in these cooler months. The biscuits sound wonderful - can you share your recipe?

  13. Your soup looks delicious!And the ricotta biscuits ,but i love the apple dumplings!!My favourite soup is chicken soup!Wish you a lovely weekend !

  14. Karen, Your soup looks good. It is so attractive with the sesame seeds and sour cream on top. I love your china too!

  15. What a fortunate friend, a great soup, and a dessert.

    Looks yummy,


  16. It all sounds like a lovely meal! The soup, biscuits and the apple dumplings all look delicious. Wishing you a happy weekend!

  17. You're making me hungry! Ummm-mmm. Love pumpkin soup. Love biscuits!


  18. I love these fall harvest warm and inviting. Your bread looks great and the dumplings...truly a wonderful meal!

  19. Each year I make pumpkin puree but I never tried a soup recipe, it looks yummy, I think I'll print the recipe. I would have loved this meal because I love pumpkin puree, biscuits and most of all I LOVE apple dumplings ! YUM !
    And I love the dishes, it's a beautiful pattern!



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