Sunday, November 4, 2012

Homey Pastimes - Starting

Now that the gardening season has ended, it's time to become reacquainted with other homey pastimes.

There's a pretty-in-pink piece of neglected knitting . . .

and this warm, wooly, would-be sweater as well. 

Are you familiar with Stephanie's blog entitled Millefeuilles? She lives in France, does such lovely knitting, creates whimsical hares, and weaves wonderful stories with her words.

There are books to read; these two were recommended by a dear friend who has a poet's soul. 

The title of this book mocks me, yet I plan to give it another try. Any fault does not lie between its covers, but with my fingers.  

I have a long way to go to develop Claudia's talent for crocheting, evident south of the border at Mockingbird Hill Cottage.

Before I try to learn that new skill, there is bread to bake . . .

and, perhaps tomorrow, banana bread or muffins will follow.

Of course, there is always a frightful-looking closet to be organized, including the one that houses yarns, paints, fabrics and other assorted bits and pieces.

Then, there is decision to be made about whether I will try to design some Christmas cards. I made cards, for the first time, a few months ago and enjoyed the project.

I'd also like to dust off the sewing machine and try making a rag doll.
 Just because.

After enjoying, for some time, the fresh, fabric (and yarn) creations on the English blog, Helen Phillips, it's time for me to play.

Wish me luck, please, with these homey pastimes. As the cold days envelop my small, warm home, I want to read thoughtful ideas, prepare good food, and know the pleasures of creativity that are second nature to so many of you.
Thank you for visiting. 

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  1. Hi Karen-Now that the weather is getting chilly, I've been trying my hand at crochet and picked up some new books. I've been pushing back the urge to bake-I'm the one who eats it! I was thinking about making some cookies tonight-maybe tomorrow! Maybe after the gym...

  2. I used to make my own bread. Loved the kneading. Poor bread, got kneaded a LOT :) Do you put chocolate chips in your banana bread/muffins? I make one loaf with, one without. I love the chips. Hope you had a good weekend. It has been snowing here since Thursday. That is winter in ND.

    1. I don't put them in, but I can imagine that the chocolate chips would be a delicious addition.

      No snow here yet! It certainly arrives early in North Dakota. Stay warm.

  3. Hi Karen! You have all kinds of homey pastimes planned for the winter. I'm not any good at sewing or knitting. I have the book "The Artist's Way" and have never finished reading it. Maybe it's time for me to finish it. I plan on doing a lot of painting this winter. Both watercolors and painting furniture. I have painted two chairs that go with a table I plan to pain this winter. I also painted a small table and have many pieces I can work on this winter.
    Stay warm and try chocolate chips or blue berries in your banana bread. Yum
    Have a great week!

  4. I love chilly days pastimes. Reading, crocheting and knitting are a few of my favorite. I do a lot of crocheting year around, but this fall I want to knit a few things too.

  5. Karen, you sure have a lot on the go right now. Your knitting looks beautiful. Hubby's coming home tomorrow for a week, the longest he's been home for over a month, so I think I'll bake some cookies tomorrow. I'll be back to keeping house and cooking meals again. I sure got slack the past few weeks! Enjoy your week. Pamela

  6. Good luck to you, as requested!....although I think you'll not need luck so much as time!

  7. So many crafts to do during the cold weather, looks like your hands won't be idle. Too bad you couldn't join us for our monthly card workshop, we have a lot of fun. I did noodle with knitting and crocheting years ago, maybe I should give them another try myself.

  8. Hi Karen! Your thoughts today are pleasing, speaking of a time of serenity and nesting. Even though I'm not fond of cold weather, there is definitely something to be said for the more restful lifestyle, and things we can do inside. I enjoyed your post and I look forward to seeing your projects. Wish I was close by; I'd drop in for a banana muffin and cup of tea!

  9. With the weather changing it feels wonderful to go after some indoor crafting, baking, and home pursuits.

    Drop me a few hints on crocheting, lol,...I am still trying, but eager to figure this out.

    Go ahead and make those Christmas cards, you won't regret it, they will turn out beautifully.


  10. Hi Karen, There are lots of projects on your list, but then there is a whole winter of time to fill. I like needlepoint and I always have some painting project or other underway. I also have a crochet project to tackle...not that I know how to crochet... just yet.

  11. Karen, you will do well in what ever you pursue or at least you will have fun. That is always my goal to at least have fun in the process. CC and I tries to learn crochet and we failed but we laughed and laughed at ourselves. xo, olive

  12. Love the wooly, warm, brown thing! I know it will be beautiful and cozy. I am not able to knit, but really would LOVE to! I'm not sure it's OK with CTS though (I had in both hands, now operated but...).
    Thanks for always stopping by for a visit and for leaving such lovely words!
    Monica xo

  13. Oh, thanks for the compliment! You can do it. I taught myself by looking at books and watching videos on YouTube. Go for it!


  14. Reading and knitting are my favourite pastimes this time of the year. Your books by Julia Cameron look interesting. Have a nice week.

  15. I love cold weather pastimes like these, they relax me and make me feel productive at the same time. I used to knot and have forgotten a lot of it, but with a great book and maybe a video, I could pick it up again. Your post is very inspiring!


  16. You would have to mock me with your Robin Hood Flour.... especially now that I am out of all my Canadian flour... and also of all the knitting, crocheting, scrapbooking projects that I have laying around to do...:)... Love your pictures.

  17. I've been doing lots of crafting projects too Karen. I was looking back over my last few posts and the ones that are scheduled and they are all about crafting. :) with the odd birding post thrown in. Good luck with that crochet.

  18. Reading yes, but anything to do with sewing is not for me. :) I hope my blog continues to keep your trip to Italy fresh in your mind, even one year on.

  19. Hi Karen!So many crafts!I love knitting in cold days!And your knitting looks beautiful!I love the colors of the wool!I wish you good luck with what you like to do!

  20. Hi Karen,

    Lovely to see you posting again.

    Would be interested in the Learn to Crochet book
    but not too sure I would be able for it.
    Let me know how it goes.

    I like to knit but am only a beginner and so
    can only do scarves or something very simple like that
    but yu never know!

    You will be a busy bee over the next few months.


    x Fiona

  21. Oh, I enjoyed knitting the one scarf I knitted when I was 11, but I don't think I'd remember how :) Enjoy the turn of the seasons and the new flurry of activity that comes with it!

    Be well :)

  22. Hi Karen,
    I love that pink sweater you're working on; such a pretty colour! I haven't done too much knitting myself. My mother used to knit all the time but I would rather draw and paint and do my music. These days I spend more time in the kitchen baking and I use Robin Hood flour too. Thank you for coming by my HOME and sharing with us. Hope you're having a lovely week.


  23. Hi Karen,
    What a beautiful and inspiring post. You are ambitious with so many projects lined up for the coming days. This is such a wonderful season for cozying up at home and doing some of our favorite creative projects. I admire your luscious pink yarn and perfect stitches. I took a knitting class a year ago and loved it.
    Between baking, knitting, sewing and gardening you are a natural. Thank you for sharing your day with me.

  24. You have some lovely knitting projects on the go!
    Looks like you will spend some pleasant hours with your yarn this winter.
    I've never quite got the hang of crocheting either..but one day I will.
    I understand your reason for wanting to make a cloth doll - you sound just like me,lol!
    I simply love them :-)
    Have a blessed day..Trish



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