Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Peppers (Thanks, Poppi Linn!)

I regularly read a lovely blog entitled "Poppi Linn". A few days ago, there were some photos and instructions for stuffed red peppers. My mouth was watering, which I took as a sign that I needed to make one for dinner, soon. As you can see, I did!

I will confess, sometimes I get a bit slack in preparing the evening meal.  

I'm not going to use the cooking-for-one-just-doesn't-seem-worth-it excuse because I really think we should eat well whether one or six people are sitting at the table. Besides, this looked simple, as well as tasty and nutritious! Variations were encouraged in the posted recipe. That just makes things more exciting, don't you think?

I hauled out the cast iron pan. (There's a healthy endeavour, provided I never drop it on my foot!) A lone red pepper was in the fridge and a few other odds and ends. Throwing in some cayenne pepper added a bit of a kick! Some time in the toaster oven (a handy tool when you don't need the whole oven) and that was that!

There we have it, an easy, satisfying, vegetarian version of the recipe. The name may be "stuffed red peppers", but they're "Poppi's Peppers" to me!

I do hope that you will swing by Poppi Linn to read the recipe and take a look around her blog!

A Little Note (or two): 
1. There are 14 posts in this week's Sunlit Sunday, if you'd care to browse.
2. I'm going to be doing an itty-bitty giveaway post this week in honour of exceeding the "100 followers" mark. Nothing grand, just a little one.

I love them.


  1. Oh my goodness they look absolutely delicious.
    I am drooling here,
    I can almost taste them.

    Off immediately to visit Poppi's blog and grab the recipe.

    Did they taste as good as they look?

    Pancakes here today as it is pancake Tuesday, would much prefer your culinary delights....

    x Fiona

  2. Hi Karen,
    Just saw your post-Thank you, you are really so sweet to mention Poppi Linn! I'm happy to hear that you made the red peppers and enjoyed them. And, you made the recipe your own. That's what I like about it.
    Glad you didn't drop that cast iron skillet on your foot! :)
    Thank you again! Happy cooking!

  3. Looks so tasty, off to have supper now after seeing this, I am feeling hungry

  4. Hi Karen, Your Poppi's Peppers look delicious! I saw the recipe on her blog and am going to make them as soon as I get to the grocery store. Just seeing them here is making me hungry.

  5. Hi Karen
    I've not made stuffed peppers for a long time but after seeing your delicious one, it's something I should whip up too. For some reason, I'm leaning more and more towards vegetarian lately (#2 daughter is one) and I often order this way at restaurants.
    Hubby tries hard to eat everything I make, but he still loves his meat with every meal.

  6. I haven't made stuffed peppers for ages, but it's a great dish when cooking for one or two. Tonight's menu is all about pancakes - breakfast for supper - I love it!

  7. Hi,Karen.
    Looks so delicious!!! My mouth is watering.


  8. Love stuffed peppers as long as they are red...do not want anything that sat next to a green pepper. I am posting a recipe in the morning-scary.

  9. So pretty! Stuffed red peppers are a very nutritious meal when they are filled with beans and other vegetables. I'd add a little melted cheese on top and be very satisfied.:)

  10. This looks delicious . Think I need to stuff a pepper or two very soon.
    Thanks for dropping by. I x

  11. I am off to see Poppi's blog.
    Looks realy tasty.

  12. That looks delicious! And is making me hungry already!! I'm off to check out Poppi's blog and then your sunlit Sunday thingy! Have a great day!

  13. Your peppers look so good and so does that pie on your banner. Makes my mouth water.

  14. Yummmmy! I used to make stuffed green bell peppers with a meatloaffy stuffing (way back when I cooked for family), but the veg version -- and the red peppers -- sounds way better nowadays. I'll try it.

    Thanks for visiting FullTime-Life and for your kind comment.

  15. These look delicious! My husband loves red peppers and beans, so this is perfect for him! I hope you won't mind if I pin a picture.



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