Thursday, February 2, 2012

♥ Loveliness (Out of Nowhere)

Late last fall, I took a potted geranium plant inside. It has been sitting, neglected, on a step that leads to my side door and basement. Now, it has two tiny blooms that are reminiscent of last summer.

Looking beyond the autumn-toned leaf to the upper right hand corner, you'll spot a bud promising another flower.

We can expend a fair degree of  time and effort in order to add loveliness to our homes through cleaning, maintenance, and a bit of simple (or not so simple) decorating.

Sometimes, however, loveliness just shows up on its own, 
like an unexpected letter from an old friend.

Did you find a bit of "loveliness" in your day?  Please share.

A Little Note: Thank you to the eleven thirteen people who started to "follow" my blog during the past two weeks or so. I'm glad that something here resonated with you. Those who have been here longer, you're appreciated too!


  1. I love pink geraniums, so your photo made me smile. I've never had any luck in over-wintering my geraniums but I keep on trying.

  2. Good morning, Karen.
    My day has started with your soft pink geranium and a hot coffee here in Japan!
    Have a good day.


  3. Very beautiful! I'm ready for some colorful flowers! Thing are looking drab even here in Florida! I'm a new follower now, are very close to 100! Way to go! ♥♥♥

  4. So pretty! I love geraniums. I've had one inside since last summer but no blooms. But it's so warm already that I'm thinking it'll be time to put it back outside soon!

  5. Hi Karen, It's so fun to see the geraniums blooming in winter. I have one that I've wintered over for about 3 years now. It had lots of blooms around Christmas but is done blooming now. However it has started to grow and looked like Jack's beanstalk. The other day I cut off the top and repotted it. I hope it will grow. I'm planning doing a post on it.

  6. Lovely geranium. I never seem to have luck bringing them inside over the winter.

  7. What loveliness to welcome me back to your blog after my travels. It is snowing here so I am enjoying staying warm and catching up with all my blogging friends. By the way I had an almost identical situation with blogger myself a few months ago and they could not have been more helpful, thank goodness as I went into panic mode when I thought I had lost the blog!!

  8. Hi...your geranium is lovely. They are truly some of my favorite flowers and I have them all over our yard in the summer.

    Barb ♥

  9. I love that flower too!! Gerania...this is how we call it in Greece...

  10. Hi Karen
    I'm ashamed to say that they're so cheap in spring I don't bother to over winter.
    I do know a lady in her 90's from our garden club that puts hers under her house for the winter. She has no basement but an outdoor open crawlspace and the heat from her home is enough to keep them alive. She's had the same plants for years - now that's frugal!

  11. Lovely shade of pink on those geraniums Karen.



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