Monday, October 17, 2011

Teatime Tidbits

I don't have a very sweet tooth. At least, not as a rule.
Nonetheless, the urge to bake came over me this past weekend.

Growing up, these were called Cinnamon Twirls in our house.

A simple tea biscuit recipe, pressed flat, smeared with butter (or margarine) and brown sugar, sprinkled with cinnamon, then rolled, sliced and baked.

You could slice them in half, but my technique has always been to "untwirl" them.
Why change now?

You may be wondering why these tickseed flowers made an appearance.
I thought it was time for a diversion, to "cut the sweet". 

You'd think I'd have enough to nibble on, but the Baking Muse was still calling.

With banana-bread-loving company coming on Monday, I had to bake again. Really!

My house had that warm, homey fragrance on Sunday afternoon.

There is something satisfying about mixing a little of this and a smidgen of that and having something yummy happen.

Remind me to take some long walks this week to counterbalance a double dose of sweetness.

With this afternoon's cuppa, there are choices for teatime tidbits.

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Warm Wishes,


  1. I love cinnamon rolls and I really love love banana bread! Can I come over your place, they look so yummy!

  2. Yes, I am hungry and my mouth is watering! I love cinnamon rolls and its perfume. I want to pick a cinnamon twirl from your plate and try it with you! You are a good cook!
    Enjoy your day.
    Red Rose, Tomoko.

  3. Your little cinnamon swirls were always called Nellie's Muffins when I was growing up. I have no idea of who Nellie might have been - someone from our Nova Scotia past, no doubt. They were so good!

  4. Hi Karen,
    you mademe hungry with your delicious looking cake and banana bread. Thank you for sharing this delightful tea time.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  5. Hello Karen,
    Your cinnamon rolls were called 'snails' by my oldest son who was the critter lover in our family, so we all call them snails to this day when he's around. :) Yours look so good! I love banana bread too. What a yummy post and both treats would be enjoyable with a cup of tea. Thank you for sharing with us today and I wish you a delightful day.


  6. Oh Yum!We always did the rolling as well.Then when you eat them nice and hot you unroll them and sniff all the cinnamon and goodness lol.I love cinnamon rolls banana bread too but not as much as the cinnamon rolls.

    I found you on Maria's blog.I dont know if it was the smell or what.. Im a new follower lol.

    Come and visit sometime.Blessings for a happy week!

  7. I love the beautiful little flowers! You're right. It was a diversion, but glad to see your wonderful bakings!! YUMMY! I can smell them in the air...You presented them so well. They are making my mouth water! I make a similar version of your cinnamon twirl, but I cut them lengthwise and call them "monkey fingers." When I told my granddaughter when she was very little, that I was going to make her monkey fingers, she nearly cried...LOL. But once she saw them and tasted them, they are now her favorite. The delightful smell goes through the house and awakes everyone to come running for the delicacy. What a delightful post to bring back such wonderful memories!!
    Have an awesome day,

  8. Mmmm a lovely sensory treat with those swirls and the banana bread.

  9. Karen, Karen...I am coming to your house....your baking looks scrumptious. I am also in Canada, in Brandon...where are you? Your images are mouth-watering...better in cyberspace than on my hips tho (smile). I am your new follower and hope you will join my followers list as well. Please pick up my blog button as well. Hugs, and look forward to getting to know you....Gayle.

  10. I do have a sweet tooth and think that I have gained actual poundage just looking at your pictures. The butter melting into the moist looking banana bread is so making me wish I had been your Monday guest. Those cinnamon swirls look absolutely delicious too!

  11. I know that baking muse too!!! What an amazing treat you shared with us today, wow, I am grateful you linked up!!!

  12. Mmmmm delicious bakes today....more lovely ideas for my afternoon tea table! A little bit of baking and eating of sweet things is such a pleasure, especially now the weather here is turning colder...and as you say, a walk makes up for the calorie intake! Have a happy day.
    Helen x

  13. It all looked so delicious!! I would want to taste both!



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