Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Afternoon

Sunday afternoon in the garden.

 Despite the cold, I find
Black-Eyed Susan vines and zuchinni
Spirea blooms
Morning glories
Roses, rose hips and rosemary

If they looked over the back fence they could see it's autumn,
courtesy of my neighbour's huge, glorious tree.
Are the plants confused? 
Don't they know when it's time to ease into a new season?

Or is it me that hasn't quite figured out my new season of life...

I'll mull things over with warm banana bread and hot tea...

This week, I'm linking with Mary at Little Red House for "Mosaic Monday". Drop over to see more collages/mosaics. Here, take some banana bread for both of you!

Many thanks for your visits. They let me know I'm not talking to myself!

Warm Wishes,


  1. Hi Karen
    I'll be right over for tea and banana bread to look at all these pretty flowers still showing off.

  2. Beautiful flowers in the mosaic but you really had me at the banana bread. It looks delicious!

  3. Lovely flowers and the fall colors and leaves are beautiful. The banana bread looks delicious. Wonderful photos, have a great week!

  4. Your garden is looks good with all the fall colour over the fence. My garden has let fall arrive and all the flowers are gone.Enjoy yours:)

  5. Tea and banana bread is the perfect thing for this cool autumn afternoon. I think you're right about the garden not being able to make up its mind about the seasons.

  6. I'd love a nice thick slice of that banana bread and a mug of hot tea. Today I saw a lily blooming in my garden - confused!

  7. A wonderful post! Thanks for sharing,
    have a nice week,

  8. Isn't it fun to take pictures of flowers? Now you have me thinking of banana bread! Nancy

  9. Really lovely mosaic. And the banana cake looks very delicous. Wishing you a very nice week!

  10. Hi Karen,
    Pretty mosaic. That banana bread looks delicious, would love a piece with my coffee! Have a good day!

  11. A lovely cosy post, Karen. I love the mosaic of your colourful garden. And the banana bread looks delicious! Enjoy your week.
    Helen x

  12. Your banana bread looks delicious!! I can almost smell it! I love the beautiful flowers and trees that are in bloom. Just makes me want to sit out under that beautiful tree with a cup of nice tea and slice of your banana bread.
    Have a beautiful day!

  13. Wonderful colours in the garden. Mmmm love banana bread.

  14. Karen, your flowers are beautiful...I love flowers and think of them as God's kisses to earth. I think they like the cooler weather, though, don't you? The autumn leaves are lucious! ooo..I miss them.

    Your banana bread with tea sounds scrumptious, but I've got to run off to a piece for me.

    Blessings galore,

  15. what wonderful garden photos, and the sight of that yummy banana bread just makes me want to go and make some!
    Luckily i have some overripe bananas just waiting to be made into one - but tomorrow!
    thanks for sharing some lovely photos and inspiration!

  16. I love that a few flowers are still hanging around. Maybe like me, they are not ready for the cold weather to come quite yet. Very lovely mosiac. Nothing like a warm slice of banana bread.

  17. Yes, I would like a slice please! Very nice photos..

  18. The banana bread looks fantastic.

    Your garden photos are great
    they have cheered me up today!


  19. Very beautiful flowers...but of course you got us all with the banana bread! OH MY! I wonder if I could make a sugar free version! ♥

  20. Thank you for sharing your delicious banana bread! Your fall leaves and flowers are lovely!
    Let's enjoy autumn colors and flowers.
    Red Rose.

  21. I am on my way for tea and bana loaf! Hope we may have it under an autmn tree! Wonderful blooms and mosaics...




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